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Things To Consider While Buying A Tablet

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Tablets are a combination of smartphones and laptops. They are designed to outbreak performance and the functionalities of both smartphones and laptops which increases the demand for tablets nowadays. Tablets have a wide range of premium functionality that enables you to perform all the activities you do on your smartphones and laptops. Tablets are highly portable and you can even turn out your leisure time into something creative.

Tablets give you a better screen experience. They can also be used for gaming, e-reading, students’ textbooks, and a portable workspace. Here I will list you the best tablets under 400.

  • Apple iPad Pro
  • Asus Chromebook
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A
  • Microsoft Surface Go
  • Lenovo Tab 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
  • Apple iPad Mini
  • Google Pixel Slate
  • Huawei MediaPad M5

Things to consider while buying a tablet

Whenever you are planning to buy something, first know your requirements. And then plan your budget. These two things almost cover the whole process of buying a product. Choose your product based on your needs. Be precise and choosy especially when it comes to gadgets.

You all know, gadgets became a part of daily life. Everything you do has the involvement of some gadgets. For instance, cooking, cleaning, washing, working, studying, entertainment, and so on.

So, if you are buying a tablet, there are multiple things you need to look at before getting your hands on it. There are many budget-friendly tablets, with premium features, are available in the market. You can easily opt for all the premium features on the best tablets under 400.  These tablets are cost-efficient and also worth the hype. So, what are all the things to consider while buying a tablet? I will brief you on it.

  • Display
  • Size
  • Battery durability
  • Storage space
  • Processors
  • Operating System
  • Connectivity


When it comes to tablets, your main focus must be checking the display. It includes the size of the display, screen resolution, viewing angle, brightness, aspect ratio, and coatings. According to your requirements, choose the display of the tablet.

The size of the display varies depending on different necessities. If you need to play games or work with your tablet then the display size must be large and when you are using it for reading and some common stuff then a small size display is more than enough. Next to the screen resolution,  you need to check whether it has a 1080p screen resolution which will be ideal for a better quality screen experience. Then the brightness must be adjustable, whether you are indoor or outdoor you must be able to see things. And the display must be well coated to avoid scratches on the display.


The size of the tablet solely depends upon your preference. If you need your tablet to be portable then go for smaller size tablets, but if you need your tablet as a convertible workspace or for gaming, streaming then go for larger one’s.

Battery durability

Everyone wants a highly durable tablet. Nothing can irritate you more than your mobile phone or tablet’s battery life is lesser than you expected. This is because, when you are working or doing something important and then your tablet suddenly goes low in battery, then you feel like you’ve made a mistake while buying this tablet. So, always check for the battery life of the tablets.

There are two ways to check the battery life of the tablets. One is consistent web browsing and another one is a continuous watching of videos. By performing these tests you can evaluate your tablet’s battery life. It must give 8 hours of battery durability.

Storage space

A most important feature of any gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, desktops, and tablets, is the storage space. You all have numerous things to store on your tablet. Unlike the huge storage space of laptops, the tablet’s storage is measured in GBs, and that too a limited storage of 8GB to 32GB. Anything that is below 8GB has no use in investing in.


The processors play a vital role in the overall performance of the tablet. It can vary depending on the models. The customers are not given the full description of the processors except the clock speed and the number of cores. There are so many processors in the market. Before you check the processor on your tablet, go through the guidelines to get a better insight into your tablet’s processors.

Operating System

    Like your laptops and PCs, tablets also have an operating system. Each one is designed to serve a different user interface. There are many operating systems like Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft. In Apple iOS you can download all the applications only from the Apple Store and you cannot customize your tablet but in Android, you are free to access all the outside applications and can customize your tablet.


Tablet comes with various connectivity options. It has a data network, SIM card options for calling, download emails, and some high-cost tablets provide you with WIFI connectivity. Even if the tablet does not have a WIFI connection, you can connect it with your mobile using a personal hotspot.

If you’re buying a tablet, do yourself a favor and buy a good quality earbud, that’ll make attending calls, and listening to songs, audiobooks etc very easy. You can find a good earbud at affordable pricing. You can find some best ones here.

These are the things you should look for while buying the tablets. There are many premium features available in the best tablets under 400. Before you buy your tablet, you must be knowing your requirements and then go for it.

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