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The Growing Popularity Of SMILE Eye Surgery In India

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SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE): It's what's new in laser vision  correction - Harvard Health
SMILE Eye Surgery In India

GURUGRAM : SMILE eye treatment is gaining popularity in India due to its amazing benefits. Yet, a lot of people still hold misconceptions regarding vision correction surgeries. Fortunately, with the advent of SMILE eye surgery, awareness about its safety and effectiveness is reaching the masses. Therefore, doctors recommend it to most patients with myopia and astigmatism. 

SMILE eye surgery is also catching people’s interest as it is less painful, and the recovery is faster when compared to other procedures. Listed below are some reasons why SMILE eye surgery is growing popularly in India. 

Advanced Technology

SMILE eye surgery is one of the most advanced procedures in refractive surgery. Unlike other procedures that employ blades in the process, SMILE creates an incision in the eye with the help of a computer-guided laser for optimum accuracy. Hence, there are least to zero chances of any error or injury. Moreover, the ophthalmologist need not worry about the correctness of the length and depth of the incision.

Less Invasive

SMILE eye surgery is also known as flapless surgery. Unlike traditional surgeries, where a flap is created to gain access to the cornea’s inner layer for reshaping it, SMILE surgery makes a tiny incision and subsequently extracts the lenticule to correct vision. The small incision subjects the corneal tissue to less trauma which results in faster recovery.


The procedure offers you utmost protection as it is computer-guided. Your surgeon will also use equipment to prevent blinking or movement and numb the eyes through anaesthesia. Many people have this misconception that laser eye surgeries may cause damage to their eyes. But that is not the case with SMILE eye surgery.

Minimal Pain

Majority of the patients that undergo the SMILE eye surgery report minimal pain and discomfort. As discussed above, your eyes are numbed before starting the procedure. Hence, you barely feel anything, and the surgery gets done without causing any pain or discomfort.


The SMILE eye surgery gets done within 30 minutes, which means it takes about 15 minutes per eye. Hence, the patient does not need to stay at the hospital for the day and can go home in a few hours to rest. Moreover, the laser process takes only about 15 seconds. Hence, most time is taken in preparing for the surgery.

Faster Recovery

The recovery period after the SMILE eye surgery lasts only for a few weeks. One can experience near-perfect vision from the very next day of the surgery. Most of the precautions are to be taken seriously only for a week or two. 


Due to all these benefits, SMILE eye surgery is becoming the most preferred treatment for myopia and astigmatism by doctors. However, one should also consider the cost of the surgery. But the benefits of their surgery outruns the cost in the long run. Hence, if you are thinking of going for a SMILE eye surgery, consult your doctor without wasting any more time.

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