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The Future of AI: A Blessing or a Disaster for Digital Marketing

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Are you still afraid of extraterrestrial takeovers? Let us Keep those thoughts aside for a while and fancy the good news. We Humans are probably going to be the first to bother them for a profitable cause, so much to an extent that they will have to run away. Feel relieved yet?

That’s exactly what we have done with Artificial intelligence, but only we haven’t let them escape yet.

The Phenomenon of Poles-Apart Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a machine, capable of producing its own intelligence for a profitable cause with efficient results.

In practical words, AI is a machine or a robot, capable of performing complex tasks, mainly done by humans, or any task that requires intelligence.

Basic example is the education industry, where it performs tasks like understanding languages, voice-recognition, conduct and correct exams and even solve multiple data problems.

Let’s understand how artificial intelligence is being used within digital marketing industry and is it really efficient as the notions claims?

The Boss Alliance of 2 Ideal forces

It is with no doubt that artificial intelligence is tweaked by many companies as a strategy to digitally market their brand and understanding consumer behavior, connecting with the audience.

Moreover, marketing is related to human behavior, where AI has proven to be the best at collecting huge personalized data of consumers, keep a prospective of profiles and create potential loyal customers.

In addition, researchers claim that use of AI for this purpose will sequel 171% of marketing generated revenue.

Have you ever had this weird experience where you thought about a particular product and that same product was later suggested to you by the search engine?

Viewing the content personalization, AI optimizes the consumers experience by tracking their interests, history of purchasing online and even their frequently searches. The AI uses this data and suggests relevant products and services to relevant customers.

On the other hand, industries use AI for enhance performance. According to Gartner research, there has been a 270% increase in AI usage by companies within last 4 years. Reason being, according to MeMSQL, 61% of marketers claim that AI is the most crucial tool for data strategy.

Let’s look at some of the argumentative factors of AI.

The Trump Card of AI in Digital Marketing

·        AI can accurately forecast future trends

With the use of content personalization, AI can gather huge chunk of consumer data in billions and process it within minutes, giving accurate result which was time consuming and impossible.

Its accurate because analyzing billions of data, which is majority of the people around the world, can give the marketers an exact picture of where the world is heading and capitalize.

In 2017 alone, less implementation of content personalization made 40% customers switch to another brand.

·        AI compensates Auto-generated Ads

The search engine Google is now using AI to auto generate ads and ad suggestions for companies who don’t really have appealing ads, through tracking your web content images and texts, combining them into an engaging ad.

Also, AI shows this auto generated ad to the right audience at the right time. In other words, it is similar to SEO but in this case, the AI itself suggests the ad to the user out of nowhere, depending upon the nature of the consumer, tweaking your content to relevant consumers.

In addition, it focuses on clicks as well. The more clicks on the ad, the more Google and marketers earn, all through the use of AI.

To give an example, let’s say a research company that has the cheap essay writing globally, AI will optimize their ad content and suggest to relevant consumers like students at university level.

Speaking locally, even a freelancer in UK can have their ad suggested to school level students for let’s say, BTEC assignment writing. AI can act on your behalf as your personal digital marketer.

·        Jack of all trades in Conversational Marketing

Since AI has the ability to analyze huge date, it is also able to interact with your potential customers as your sales man. We have all came across chatbots on multiple websites, but that is not the chatbots being referred to in this context.

The AI chatbot is advanced, capable to reply in comprehensive manner, has the ability of problem-solving skills of customer inquiries and maintain engaging conversation. This is very impressive for leaving a long-lasting impression for any company.

Apart from this, Email marketing is another area for AI, where AI has the ability to email millions of potential consumers about your brand through tracking of content personalization, bringing many customers. AI can maintains 2-way communication in E-mail marketing , understanding the requirements and reply accordingly.

The Faults in our AI

·        High cost

The saying goes, higher the risk, higher the return. In the case of AI, same can be said, higher the performance, higher the cost. It is estimated that investment of AI will reach to $58Billion very soon.

Also, since AI is something that requires up-to-date version for digital marketing, repairing and updating costs will increase exponentially according to the requirements and time consuming while installation.

It might possibly come a time when AI will cost even more than the companies ROI.

·        Practical sheep

Since one of the main goals of AI is to reduce human interaction, there is a high chance where humans might lose emotions while marketing.

For example, have you ever felt frustrated when calling the bank to fix your debit card issues and suddenly, you have to go through the annoying automated voice, interrogating your whole life with 101 questions, before connecting you to the operator?

Even Insurance industries are using such technology not only on the phone, but for issuing insurance policy as well, which is again in simple words, annoying and killing the human emotions.

This not only effects the human’s emotions to become practical sheep’s, doing whatever the technology tells us to do, but also, it effects the emotional marketing aspect. Despite the fact that consumers are likely to purchase products from emotions rather than logic. However, this aspect of AI could be a destructive innovation in emotional marketing.

·        The need for Professionals at work

Since the AI will keep on improving, there will be many professionals required to operate the AI for correct coding and software updating. If the coding is wrong or any slightest mistake, then this might cause a malfunction of data, providing false information in mass quantity. This is a total disaster for digital marketers.

Since it will keep upgrading in the future, it will require more professional workers with no previous experience to operate.

Final Verdict

AI can produce wonders in the field of digital marketing and is a blessing, depending upon how the marketers use it. To the contrary, its usage can also be a disaster due to lack of professionals, destructive innovations in emotional marketing and simply put, putting AI in the wrong hands can potentially lead to huge losses for the companies.

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