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Smart Toilet – Sanitaryware Items

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Smart Toilet – Sanitaryware Items

smart toilet and antibacterial tiles have created a new breakthrough in the history of building materials development in India. These are products that apply the world’s most advanced modern production technology and made a strong impression on their first debut.

Sanitaryware Item

The new smart toilet has many innovative features that have never been seen in the line of sanitary ware.

He deserves the role of big brother in the building materials industry in India, always researching, applying and developing new and high quality products by applying new technology and advanced technologies with the most advanced technology in production and the development of a high-quality workforce, the 1-Piece Toilet continues to offer smart and modern product lines to meet increasing consumer demand.

Smart and convenient products can be said to have given customers a whole new perspective on when there are continuous advances in production. Many customers said that tile products are closer to the products of the world’s best brands, developing in accordance with the general trend in the world towards high-quality products. Respectful with the environment, protecting the health of the consumer.

The smart toilet is being evaluated as a luxurious, sophisticated, smart and friendly sanitary device that offers maximum convenience for users. This product marks a breakthrough for in deciding to invest in the production of sanitary ware in the “premium” segment. This is also a product that affirms the strong competitiveness of Indiaese companies with the main brands of the same industry in the world.

Automatic is the first feature that indicates the intelligence of the product: the toilet automatically opens / closes the lid when the touch eye is activated. The sensor system built into the lid helps recognize when someone is using and initiate the automatic exhaust system; Automatic discharge: discharge when used for less than 25 seconds, if used for more than 25 seconds; using remote control panel functions, with lights that automatically illuminate at night; Simultaneously with this device, users can confidently use it in winter because the toilet has the function of holding the seat cover and water as needed, but still saves energy thanks to the mode that only turns on when in use.

The device is “dubbed” smart because actively applies advanced technologies to products to protect consumers’ health and be environmentally friendly. Typically with hydromassage technology combined with siphone Jet it helps to remove all stains in every corner of the toilet bowl with extremely strong suction. The toilet bowl is designed with a closed body, closed rim, very convenient for daily cleaning. The nozzle is UV disinfected for 1 minute after each use, helping to kill 99.9% of bacteria, in addition to this antibacterial wash tap, there are 3 functions: pre-wash, post-wash and post-massage wash.

In addition, to make users really comfortable and safe, the smart toilet with natural disinfectant technology Phytoncide that disinfects, deodorizes and prevents mold growth, this technology works immediately. when starting and after stopping use. In addition, the smart toilet bowl is flexibly resistant to backflow of sewage and prevents odors.

Antibacterial ceramic tiles – accompanies in protecting the health of customers

Mastering the most advanced Nano material technology, successfully applying new building materials products in India, antibacterial ceramic tiles create a new turning point in product line innovation. with the health of the user and respect for the environment.

With this technology, antibacterial tiles are capable of self-cleaning the environment through a photocatalytic reaction, which can completely eliminate mold on the surface of the product; decomposes sustainable toxic substances such as dioxins, pesticides, benzene in addition to destroying 99.9% of viruses and harmful bacteria.

Promote long-term experience in antibacterial tile production not only has new outstanding features, but also has high hardness, anti-wear, uniform size, color and ease Hygiene and modern and diversified designs.

Smart Toilets and Antibacterial Tiles are especially suitable for projects such as hospitals, schools, military areas, research institutes, villages and public works such as airports, train stations especially when the whole world is facing a complicated epidemic situation .

In the near future, Smart Toilet and Tiles will be launched, supplying the entire tile dealer network nationwide and exported to key markets in more than 40 countries and territories. This will be a turning point that will mark the pioneering development in the application of the world’s most advanced technology in the production of Sanitary ware and tiles in particular and for the building materials industry in India.

Nanotechnology is a key technology direction in the world. Many key issues such as: Energy security, food security, ecological environment, health will be solved in a more favorable way from the development of nanotechnology. Especially in the opposite relationship between economic development and living environment, pollution can be solved based on the development of nanotechnology with typical nano material.

nano material is a transparent, highly refractive, broadband semiconductor material that has long been used in many industries. However, the most important applications of nano material at the nanoscale are the antibacterial self-cleaning capacity through photocatalytic reactions. In the field of nanotechnology, it is difficult to find a material that has many valuable applications, even irreplaceable such as TiO2 nanomaterials.

This technology is being widely applied in many industries and is especially effective in the production of building materials in developed countries.

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