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Six Ideas To Make Your Home Look Special This Diwali !!

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Six Ideas To Make Your Home Look Special This Diwali !!

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India, and people have great respect for this wonderful festival’s significance. The fact that Diwali binds people of different castes and creeds together is perhaps the biggest reason why it is such a popular and loved festival. Hence, all over India and in various other parts of the world, Diwali is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and zeal. However, many efforts have to be made to pull off a successful Diwali celebration, one of the most important and time-consuming being a home decoration.

With just a few weeks left for Diwali, it seems almost foolish not to start making arrangements right away. As most of us lead hectic and busy lives, our homes do not get the constant attention they require. As a result, they only get cleaned on the surface level daily. However, when Diwali arrives this practice undergoes a complete 360-degree change. Diwali is that time of the year when every corner of our home gets thoroughly cleaned and beautified. After all, it is a wonderful and special occasion for decorating, and festooning the house almost feels like a necessity.

While there are various ways to beautify your home this Diwali, a balanced mix of traditional and contemporary is a good idea. Try decorating your home in the following ways to achieve a well-blended look:-

Idols of Gods and Goddesses – These are an absolute ‘must-haves’ for any Diwali celebration. The fact that on Diwali night, the whole family offers prayers to the almighty for his blessings makes having the idols of gods and goddesses an essential requirement. The idols are mostly of God Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi; however, some people also place Rama and Sita’s idols along with them. These idols are available with online Diwali gift delivery in Ahmedabad a large variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and designs too. You can purchase whichever one you like and place it in a clean area of your home. To add a beautiful touch to the idols, decorate them with flower petals and garlands. 

Decorative Lamps – Lamps, both earthen and metallic, have always been used to decorate homes for several years. However, with different and new styles of lamps being introduced in the market now and then, you could try some other varieties to make this Diwali different. Some of the most common types of lamps available in the market these days are handmade designer lamps of different materials, glass lamps, LED lamps, flower-shaped lamps, etc. If you further want to beautify your home, you could also use aroma lamps. These are some of the most wonderful products for home decoration. Not only will it give a gentle, soothing light, but it will spread a delightfully mesmerizing fragrance in your home too. Try it out for a great experience this Diwali

Beautiful Candles-Just like lamps with candles you can decorate your home with plenty of options of candles in different shapes, sizes, and designs. You will be confused with your choices available with order Diwali gift online sites. Be sure to light candles and lamps in every corner of your home. For an aesthetic look, team them up with flowers and flower petals. An arrangement of floating candles and flower petals in a flat, wide urn looks amazing. Also, if you are fond of scented candles, place a few ornate ones around your home. The effect will be awesome. 

Door And Window Decorations- Most of us get so busy decorating different parts of the homes that we hardly pay any attention to our doors and windows. Most people don’t even consider it important. However, decorating your doors and windows can completely transform the look of your home. Various door hangings are available in the market, with auspicious words and symbols written across it. Hang one of these at the entrance of your home.

Inside, decorate the doors and windows with strings of flowers, leaves, colorful beads, bells, and other decorative items. This will truly add the festive spirit to your home. 

Rangolis-Rangolis are generally made at the home entrance and are made with beautiful bright colors to enhance the festive look. Though they are slightly tedious to make, the effect is great. However, with rangoli stencils and ready-made rangolis available in the market, this problem has been solved. You could also try making your rangoli with leaves and colorful fresh flower petals – Kerala’s popular tradition. Further, beautify your rangoli with earthen lamps, and you are good to go.

The pooja room- The pooja room is an important part of the house during Diwali. It’s essentially compulsory to give your pooja room a quiet, and lovely appearance to focus more on the worshipping. The blossoms, Diyas, and other designing things must give the appearance of the pooja room. Have one standing Diya for a traditional look. You can buy standing Diya with Online Diwali gift in Thane.

So there you are. These are my six ideas to decorate your home this Diwali. Try out these fun ideas and bask in the festive spirit. However, don’t forget to let your imaginations run wild – innovate and experiment – you will create something truly magical, truly festive.

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