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SEO Trends, What will Happen in 2021?

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The SEO trends that help us better position our website in SERP’s are never static but, on the contrary, they tend to change and evolve year after year. On the threshold of 2021, we asked ourselves what will change in this very delicate area and what will be the best precautions for proper optimization. Thanks also to the opinion of some experts gathered online, the ideas are much clearer. Are you curious to take a dip in the SEO of 2021?

Let’s start!

Keeping up with the times is very important for any self-respecting SEO specialist. If, in fact, normal activities are influenced by the passage of time and the evolution that follows, this is even more true in a delicate and fundamental area such as that of SEO. If you are only now coming into contact with this incredible and varied world, remember that the acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) and identifies all those practices aimed at optimizing websites. to improve indexing and positioning in the SERP among the search results. It is clear to everyone, in fact, that positioning yourself at the top is essential to get your business off the ground, to improve your page ranking and to give your website greater visibility.

There is nothing more dynamic than the web and it is essential to be able to keep up by knowing its secrets and being able to put into practice a correct policy of optimizing our contents. In fact, from year to year, some new technique is always born that tends to relate to the changes in the algorithms used by Google. If the focus on local and User Experience remain two points to always adhere to, what do the next SEO trends for 2021 seem to be? What should we focus our attention on most? Here are the first 8 points, the ones that must never be ignored.

Google BERT, Beware of content:

Until recently, those who aimed to improve the positioning of their website could make use of a series of “tricks” which, among other things, have become very well known in the course of a short time. These were practices by which it was possible to evade, in some way, the controls reaching the first places in the SERP even when the contents of the pages did not deserve that position. For some time now, however, Google has introduced a new algorithm, known as BERT. The Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformer analyzes the contents of our pages by focusing on the queries, taking care if and how they are inserted naturally within the texts. Hoping to use any old trick to stem the judgment becomes more and more complicated to the point of being practically impossible to date. To be promoted by BERT we must necessarily pay the utmost attention to our contents, carrying out an in-depth study on those who are our targets in order to create texts that are actually capable of satisfying the requests made to us, making it, moreover, in the most accurate way possible. .

Google EAT:

Among the most efficient means that are used to monitor the quality of websites is Google EAT. We have already talked at length about this particular evaluation method in an article entirely dedicated to Google EAT where we analyzed the three parameters that must be respected to make a website valid. It is about expertise, authoritativeness (authority) and trustworthiness (credibility). A good positioning starts, first of all, from a correct use of these three parameters that we can consider as real guidelines. With the introduction of EAT, considerable progress has been made on the web since Google is increasingly able to prevent low-value sites from obtaining (with various tricks) excellent positions in SERPs and then going to harm users who do not they would find no use in it.


Another point from an SEO perspective that you can never ignore is that of the so-called Snippets.

What is it about?

We have already talked about the Snippets but we reiterate, in short, that these are information windows that accompany the results in SERP and that arise with the need to provide users, even before clicking on a link, as much information as possible. . It is no coincidence that a good part of web searches are considered “zero click” since those who make them, very often, find the answer already in SERP without the need to go further.

Snippets are essentially of two types.

Featured Snippets are the information blocks shown at the top of the results. The very fact that they are in such a “high” position favors, among other things, clicks and, therefore, conversions which, according to recent analyzes on the matter, have shown a percentage that exceeds 50% of the total volume of searches.

Rich Snippets also have a positive influence on the percentage of clicks received from the various websites. In this case, this is additional information in which we can see, for example, the prices of an item, observe its scores in terms of evaluations issued by other users or, again, view images.

But when exactly does Google decide to “add” one of these two tools to a website? Given that the main goal is to have as much quality content on the web as possible, this is precisely the secret to being able to activate snippets. If, in fact, search engines find that our site deserves because it is rich in relevant and interesting content, as well as well structured and optimized, they will support us with this powerful tool.

User Experience:

Trying to put ourselves “on the other side” and, therefore, to take on the role of those who land on our site, we can ask ourselves what we would expect to find us and what the impressions could be once you visit the pages. Here, in this way, another fundamental aspect is emerging for a good positioning to keep in mind, also for the upcoming 2021. We are talking about the User Experience, or the user experience. An aspect on which we absolutely must focus since it analyzes the experiences of the various users from the moment they find our site in SERP to the one in which they leave it passing, of course, for the one in which they view the various contents. To ensure that this important parameter is also met, we must proceed with a perfect planning of the structure of the site to make it consistent with the various menus, never dispersive and as much as possible accompanied by (relevant) images that help the user to better understand the concepts expressed by the various pages. Making the navigation between the various contents even faster is equally important to improve the UX and will allow us to implement a successful SEO strategy and reap the rewards of our work.

The Videos:

In 2021, video content will continue to be of fundamental importance for an excellent SEO strategy. Videos, in fact, have taken on an increasingly prestigious role to be able to spread our contents to an ever-increasing number of users.

Who among us, for example, has never done a search on YouTube?

Well! YouTube is one of the most used search engines, second only to Google. Since each user demonstrates that they like video information, it is assumed that the search engine will position the websites that contain audiovisual material in the best possible way that will more fully satisfy the needs of the consumer. Recent research has also shown that pages with these types of information are able to retain users for longer since they are able to help over 90% of visitors decide whether or not to purchase, for example, a particular product. Although YouTube is the most used distribution channel, it is not the only one available to us. We may also rely on other platforms, in particular on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. The choice will depend exclusively on the targets we wish to reach.

Link Building:

Another SEO strategy that will not retire in the upcoming 2021 is link building. Rather! This will continue to be of significant importance and we will have to be very careful trying to respect it at every stage. Indeed, today’s consumer has proved to be increasingly demanding and attentive. Precisely for this reason, if we want our website to really work, we must commit ourselves to building our own brand and we must do it by making it supported by a qualitatively high content. Only in this way will it be possible to instill trust in the visitor who, precisely by virtue of it, will share our link or, in any case, will proceed with the purchase of one of our products.

We were talking about quality content. But how can we be sure we can do it? In addition to the classic rules inherent in grammar and syntax, there are three types of writing that we can use to achieve our goal.
Planned scriptures, ideal for writing content on a theme that recurs on a specific date, such as Christmas, New Year or the long-awaited Black Friday.
Planned receptive writings, ideal, on the other hand, to deal with any seasonal theme we want to approach. In this case, however, we will need to be sure that we know the precise information on these issues since they are published or developed. We think, in this sense, of fairs or events of this type.

Finally, ideal reactive writings to describe every kind of unpredictable event that we find ourselves having to describe on our pages. It is obvious that, in this case, contrary to the previous one, we will not have prior information on the subject that will be developed only when it occurs.

Local SEO:

Local SEO is a very important SEO tool and the first to know it perfectly are the owners of companies or shops that have a physical place and therefore keep to be easily found on the web by potential customers who are in their same geographical area. How many times, for example, has it happened to us to search for a hairdresser and to find, among the results, those closest to us? Well, this is Local SEO which, to work at its best, makes use of what is called Google My Business through which it is possible to physically place your company on Google Maps, giving users the opportunity to find us more quickly and immediately. This means that our site and our company also achieve an improvement in positioning on the web by interfacing with customers who will be able to release reviews and opinions on the services we have offered them.

Program and automate:

Based on what has been leaked, it seems that two fundamental rules for a good SEO strategy in 2021 will be based on the verbs to program and to automate. In fact, it will prove very useful to proceed with the use of a programming language that allows SEO to become as automated as possible. And this is precisely the reason why the two terms travel hand in hand and cannot be separated from each other.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, the SEO strategy will be, even in 2021, in continuous change since it will continue to maintain its well-known dynamism. Anyone who deals with SEO, therefore, will have to keep constantly updated and keep up with all the rules that, gradually, will come out. Hoping to use a single pre-established rule, or perhaps more than one, is practically impossible and would lead to the failure of our strategy and our work.

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