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Nuh gears up to host G20 meeting next month

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Haryana chief secretary Sanjeev Kaushal on Friday conducted a review of the arrangements being made for the fourth meeting of the G20 Sherpa group to be held at Tauru in Nuh from September 3 to 7.

Gurugram, India-August 09, 2023: People buy vegetables and medicines in the main market of Nuh during the three-hour relaxation in curfew in Nuh police station; after the communal violence the district administration has imposed curfew, in Gurugram, India, on Wednesday, 09 August 2023. (Photo by Parveen Kumar/Hindustan Times)

During the meeting, Kaushal said the event is very important from the national point of view and requires meticulous planning and attention to detail on the part of the host. He also stressed the need to enhance beautification efforts, aiming to leave a lasting and positive impression on the foreign delegates.

Kaushal also said that it was important to highlight the unique characteristics of Gurugram and Nuh districts during the event and ensure that the delegates took back a positive image of the region.

The G20 meeting in Nuh is significant because on July 31, the district witnessed large-scale communal violence, which led to the death of six persons. The violence in the next few days also spread to Gurugram, Sohna, Palwal and Tauru, and it was contained only after paramilitary forces were deployed in Nuh.

During the meeting, Gurugram deputy commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav, presented a progress report outlining the ongoing efforts to prepare the venue for the fourth Sherpa meeting.

The presentation highlighted substantial repair and enhancement activities along the main roads from the Delhi border to the event site, with projected completion within the next week.

To extend warm hospitality to the foreign delegates, liaison officers comprising Haryana Civil Services and trainee IAS officers will be appointed to facilitate their seamless participation.

Dr Amit Agrawal, director general of the information department, said that cultural programmes are scheduled on the second day of the meeting, specifically on September 4. “These programmes have been thoughtfully curated to introduce foreign delegates to the rich tapestry of Haryanvi art and culture”, he said.

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