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New Root Canal Treatment for a Painless Procedure

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A rush of panic and fear comes when the dentist says the words, “you’ll need a root canal treatment.” All one can think of at that moment is the pain. However, pain is totally a myth now. Yes, there might be some discomfort post the treatment as it takes some time to adjust with the crowns. But the root canal aims to relieve the pain in the infected tooth, and not cause it.  

RCT dental procedure success rate has a success rate of more than 98%. With modern age technologies, equipment, and expertise available, it is a pain-free procedure. But one has to ensure that the dentist they are consulting holds that level of experience, and the clinic or hospital is equipped with advanced digital technology and anesthesia to make root canal a comfortable procedure.

Who needs root canal treatment?

– People who have been experiencing intermittent pain in the tooth.

– People who registered radiating pain traveling from the tooth to the jaw

– People who have swelling around gums of particular teeth

– People who complain of sensations while consuming extremely hot or cold foods or drinks. 

How is an RCT treatment performed?

First, an X-ray is taken to examine the tooth and see the shape of the root. The dentist then determines if there are any signs of infection in the area surrounding the bone. Then, they will use local anesthesia to numb the area and make the procedure more comfortable. 

Later, an access hole will be drilled into the tooth, and the infected nerve tissue, pulp, is removed along with the bacteria. Once the tooth is thoroughly clean, it is sealed with a rubber-like material filling. After the root canal is complete, a crown is placed on the tooth to protect it from fracturing in the future.

Why is an RCT treatment necessary?

Each tooth has pulp inside, which provides the teeth with nerves and nutrients. It is tissue, and sometimes it dies, gets damaged, or infected. In such a case, patients experience excruciating pain. And a painless root canal treatment is recommended. The situation doesn’t come with a choice. One has to get the treatment done, or else the infection can spread to the tooth’s deeper levels.

Today, there are numerous clinics in Delhi, NCR offering dental treatments of all sorts. If treated by the best and experienced dentists, they will use the most modern equipment like Rotary Endodontics and Apex XZ Locator. ‍Various renowned dental chains in India, like The Dental Roots, have made treatment for cavities, including tooth-colored filling or RCT, a fast and painless procedure. 

The Dental Roots has the best dentists in Gurgaon, NCR. It is the only clinic in Delhi NCR with FIVE highly qualified and experienced Endodontists. At the clinic, a major focus is to provide services to the patient utilizing the latest techniques of rotary Endodontics, thereby reducing clinical procedure time. The treatments usually take about 30-35 minutes, which can be completed in a single sitting or two visits, depending upon the tooth’s condition.

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