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New Regulations on Type Approval in UAE

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In developed countries like the United Arab Emirates, the government pays special attention to the rights, security, and privacy of the general public. The telecommunication system has become quite advanced which facilitates the life of the public in numerous ways. However, that advanced system also poses a few threats which can be caused due to the poor equipment.

Considering the threats and potential issues that can occur through equipment, type approval for Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (RTTE) is one of the most important responsibilities of the citizens, dealers, and other parties in the UAE. All of this is meant to ensure the provision of quality and safe service to the citizens. The government has also updated the regulations, in order to fix a few loopholes and facilitate the public.

 This article aims to shed light on the new regulations on type approval introduced by the government in the United Arab Emirates.

Top 3 Updated Regulations on TA for Telecommunications Equipment

In order to comply with the technical specifications, the radio and telecommunication terminal equipment must get type approval from the concerned government departments. The equipment should be registered with a TRA before it can be utilized or supplied in the UAE. Test reports, as well as technical documentation, is required to make the process authentic and reliable. Moreover, complying with the new regulations is mandatory to get approval.

The following are the top updated regulations on type approval for telecommunications equipment in the UAE.

First Level: Declaration of Conformity

The very first new regulation on type-approval is called the first level which is the declaration of conformity. This level of the new regulation is applicable for telecommunication of low risk and priority. The approval can be granted keeping in view the essential requirements, as well as technical standards. The equipment should also meet the requirement of ISO/IEC 17050-1:2004 according to the supplier’s declaration of conformity.

The registered importer or the manufacturer of the telecommunication equipment has the responsibility of getting equipment conformity according to the type approval regulations. Most of the parries acquire the help of the TRA type approval companies to get their work done while fulfilling all conditions and avoiding additional hassles.

Second Level: General Equipment Registration

The second updated regulation on type-approval related to telecommunication equipment is called the second level and it is related to general equipment registration. This type of new regulation applies to the telecommunication equipment of medium risk and priority. The importer or the registered manufacturer of the equipment has the responsibility of confirming that the equipment fulfills essential requirements of relevant standards to get the approval.

The concerned party must provide the technical test report to the concerned authorities. It should be either issued by the ILAC-certified lab, or it should be based on the certificate of conformity issued by the TRA’s certification entities according to section 4.15 and 4.16. if it does not fulfill the criteria, the concerned authority may request an equipment test from authorized labs at the expense of the concerned party.

Third Level: Advance Equipment Registration

Last but not the least new regulation on type-approval of the telecommunication equipment is that of the third level, which is called advanced equipment registration. This level of type approval nee regulation applies to the telecommunication equipment of high risk and priority. Just like other levels, the importer or registered manufacturer has the responsibility to provide the proof of conformity with technical standards and essential requirements.

The conditions of meeting technical standards and essential requirements include the submission of test reports issued by the recognized testing labs as mention in sections 4.15 and 4.16. in addition to it, it also requires performing additional technical tests at the national lab of telecom equipment. If you are short on time or have other issues, you can hire the service of TRA type approval companies and ensure that the professionals get your equipment approved from the authorized government departments while fulfilling all the conditions and providing tests and technical reports.

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