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Nakyung Park A Famous South Korean Artist

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In South Korean industry, there are so many, talented men and women who create their own career and becomes a successful person. Besides the actors and other celebrities, the painters are also very famous for their wonderful art creation. Among all the artists, one of the most talented and creative artists is Nakyung Park.

Nakyung Park is a South Korean girl and in her later life, she becomes a famous painter. She was a very brilliant student in her school and colleges. South Korean Nakyung Park, married to an American actor after becoming an artist.

Early Days Of South Korean Nakyung Park

On 1 September 1977 she was born. Her father was a director who directs TV shows in his life. But later she moved to America and take education in painting or art academy and learned all the skills and become an artist.


From her childhood days, South Korean Nakyung Park was very much interested in arts and paintings. She even joined classes of paintings in her neighbor’s garage, when she was 5 years old.  She first creates an oil pastel painting of a big yellow sunflower with oil pastels.

At her childhood days, she was very shy and quite girl. She expresses all her feelings through her paintings. She took part in many art competition exhibitions and she won many of them. One of the most well-known exhibitions was covan02 art gallery in 2017 in Vancouver. Later, she concentrates another exhibition, which was a modu Korean artist collective in 2016 sponsored by Western Canada Group Exhibition. On the other hand, numerous websites asserted that she runs a beauty company named a Permanent Makeup Vancouver and she presents herself as a self-made beauty as well.

Personal Life

Before meet up with her husband, South Korean Nakyung Park was a common woman just like others. She appears in the headlines just after she started dating her husband, Wesley Snipes. She was the second wife of her husband.  They get married in 2003 on 17th march just after dated for few years.

They were in a live-in relationship for some years and after having, two kids and then they got married.


Nakyung Park and snipes have for kids. Before their marriage Park gave, birth two kids and after getting married with snipes, again she gives, birth two kids. However, after few years of their marriage, snipes and his few other friends faced tax evasion charges. Moreover, he goes to jail for three years from 2010 to 2013. Nevertheless, in this crucial time, Nakyung part always stays beside him all the time and even manages her all duties whether it is professionally or personally.

Net Worth

As she is the renowned actor snipes’ wife, therefore there was no monetary crisis. Besides this thing, she had her own personality as well. She is a painter by occupation and her income a lot every year. She made approx $36.5 thousand per year. On the other hand, she educates others and assists others about painting.

Facts About Nakyung Park

Numerous websites said that Nakyung Park has a pet dog, which she takes at her home in 2012. She also formed a page on Instagram and the name of her pet dog is timbit. She had an extraordinary connection with her pet dog. On the other hand, snipes said that South Korea is his second hometown as it is his wife’s homeland. He likes to spend time in there and he visits frequent times in South Korea.


Hence, here is short information about South Korean Nakyung Park and her life. If you want to know more about her then you can search on internet to get the information.

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