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My Every Christmas Day Story

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Christmas is the time of joy and celebration for everyone around the world and we honor just busy with festivities. There are too many things that we want to do in just that one week’s holiday or maybe sometimes we only get two to three days off for Christmas. But whatever time we have got it is important to celebrate with great joy and the holiday spirit with our friends and family members, after all, we have got in this world is our family. So today I’m going to share with you all the stories of my Christmas and how I celebrate most of them.

1) Visiting my parents 

One of the greatest traditions in my family that has been running for quite a while or should I say ever since I moved out for my studies is that of visiting my family. different fun in preparing myself for the Christmas and I love Christmas so much that I prepare for the gifts and anything and everything that I want to do for Christmas so there is like a wish list at least 6 months in advance and then I discuss it with my family plan of a Christmas that we all celebrate together and the sometimes we are lucky to have our extended family over for Christmas, it’s the best time in the world. 

2) Shopping at a local fair 

As old as Christmas is and so are the local fairs in which this cell is such amazing goodies that you will not get in a finished product shop or a mall. So me and my family would always go together and shop at the local fare for some Christmas ornaments, cookies, Nordic sweaters, and many other toys that we don’t see nowadays in the bigger cities. It’s good to keep the child in the US alive and these local pairs always do the same for us. 

3) Eating a cake together

If there is anything more special about Christmas it’s nothing but eating cake together with our family and of course when it’s a cake then obviously we use to bake it in larger stocks because the many people would visit us or sometimes we would have a party so basically they would always be some of the other kind of Christmas suited cake in our fridge during the Christmas week and sometimes it would be extended up to the new year. But let me just say that whenever we had the leftover Xmas cake, all of my cousins and I would be fighting for that cake because it would taste just so good in the morning or maybe more. After all, it was left just a little bit but that is a great memory from Christmas day to share and until now we do the same thing. 

4) Sharing our gifts via video call 

Well, quite often it so happened that we all got busy with careers and none of us had time to celebrate Christmas or to visit our parents because of a tight schedule and that is why one Christmas me and my cousin’s decision to decorate our houses during the day. And of course one of the most interesting things about Christmas would be that on the eve of Christmas day we all would sit together and send flowers to Chennai in advance, during the day for everyone we know along with gifts and fruits of the season and this is very special for us because for some reasons if our far off relatives even wouldn’t be able to make it then on a video call we all would share and open our gifts.

5) A Christmas with a difference

Well, the above was my every Christmas Day story but this time the Christmas is going to be different for all of us. We are standing at the biggest changes, something that we did out of mere compulsion and now we will have to do it compulsory because of COVID-19. And though you might be in a green area, there are many people still working. This year will be busy again and we won’t be able to visit our friends and family members then, in that case, it is a good idea to send them bouquet delivery in Bangalore of flowers and gifts and both are available online at a very reasonable price or you can send them something homemade. 

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