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Make Your Brand Grow with These 6 Websites Designing Ideas In 2021

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In this rapidly changing world, you need to update your website to ensure brand growth constantly. Here are 6 designing trends that you should use in your website with the help of a web design company.

When any potential customer looks up your business, the first thing that they will come across is your website. If your website is poorly designed and outdated, you can lose potentially profitable business clients. So, the need of the hour is to update your website so that you can grab as many eyeballs as you can.

But how will you know which kind of design will allow you to book clients? That’s why we are here to help you out. Here are the various designing ideas that you should incorporate into your website in 2021 to get better business.

What Are The Website Design Styles And Trends That Will Be Popular In 2021?

  • Bold Is Beautiful

Come 2021; minimalism will probably take a backseat. After all, years of minimalism can get repetitive and boring. It must also be kept in mind that after enduring a pandemic, people will want to see something that makes a statement. You can make use of web design services to make this statement by incorporating colorful and bold styles. Make sure to use both gradient and flat designs on your site.

Do keep in mind that bold doesn’t mean 2000s Word Art styles. So be colorful but not childish. Also, keep in mind that you need to have a high converting UX/UI along with a colorful and attractive website. After all, ensuring an unforgettable user experience will allow your business to grow.

  • Personalize For Customers

In this pandemic, shopping websites have seen a tremendous amount of growth. Most of the websites that have seen a surge in customer use make use of algorithms to personalize their customers’ entire shopping experience. Know that your goal should be the same. After all, personalization will make the user feel valued by your business. But even more than that, it will make them feel understood.

To personalize your website, you will need to gain insight into user behavior. You can do this by making use of site membership and cookies. Know that your user retention will be much better with personalization, and you can gain repeat business.

  • Simplify Websites

Everyone aims to give their users as much information as they can about their business all at once. But in this pandemic where users are practicing social isolation by staying in their homes, they are already getting bombarded with information from various sources. Know that this can cause a person to get frustrated and lose interest in something quicker.

As such, the need of the hour is to streamline and simplify your website. Your priority should be to give your customers all the major information they need quickly. Do note that this doesn’t mean you should have a wall of text on a page. If you do that, then rest assured that no one will even read two sentences.

Instead, opt for bullet point style information about your business and products. Try to convey as much as you can in one line and then add hyperlinks so that your readers can pursue that if they want.

  • Incorporate Virtual Reality Elements

Know that this pandemic isn’t looking to go away anytime soon. But people are yearning for more natural and real-world ways of communication. One way of doing that is by using virtual reality in websites.

For example, you can hire any web designing company to swap out generic 2D images for 3D ones. Note that if you are operating a shopping website, then use virtual reality stores. It will allow users to shop around better. Since this will be a unique experience for them so your audience engagement will skyrocket.

  • Make Use Of Dark Mode

Using the normal white or light background is boring and overdone. So, many companies are flipping to the dark mode. But there are a lot of factors at play here apart from trying to do something different. The dark mode is becoming common on a lot of websites. Know that famous sites like Twitter and YouTube give their users the option to turn to dark mode to shield their eyes from their devices’ glare.

Also, dark mode offers a better contrast against a lot of features. As such, it’s advised that you give your viewers the option to see your website in dark mode. It might seem like a trivial factor. But if your user’s eyes hurt less while using your site, then they will surely come back for more and it will ensure repeat engagement.

  • Make Use Of Videos

At any single time, a user is browsing through various kinds of websites. Know whether a user will stick around your website or not depends on how quickly you can grab their attention and keep them engaged. One way of doing this is by using videos.

Note that no one likes visiting a website that has more text than images. But even then, such sites will lose out to those which use more videos and less text. After all, it’s way easier to grab your audience’s attention with a well-created video. It will allow your users to gain the needed information all at once instead of scrolling for pages.

However, do note that you should keep the length of the videos short. Ideally, such videos should be under 5 minutes. Anything longer will make your viewers stop watching. Note that you should create videos that are fun and engaging. Know that if your videos consist of someone just speaking for 5 minutes as stock pictures float by every minute, then you have already lost your viewer and customer.

As such, there are a lot of website design ideas and styles that will trend in 2021. It might not be possible for you to make use of all of it. But no matter what, personalizing your site and incorporating videos is something you should do to ensure better viewer retention. If you want to do that and more, then make use of Neuronimbus web designing services. Here we will connect with you and understand your vision to get the exact website you imagined. Our team of qualified and experienced professionals is always here to help make your dreams a reality.

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