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List Of Things You Need To Think Of Prior To Applying Two Wheeler Loan

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Two-wheelers have a relatively high demand in India. One of the reasons for this is the easy availability of two-wheeler loans in India to fund the purchase. Apart from this, rising income, higher aspirations of people, and lack of good quality public transport have paved the way to the use of two-wheelers. Most of the buyers opt for an online application of the two-wheeler loan. If you are planning the same, here are some tips for you to choose the best one among all the loans available in the market:

Conduct thorough research on the interest rates

Don’t hurry while choosing a two wheeler loans or else you might end up paying more interest. Compare the interest rates of all the lenders who offer the loan in the market and choose the best option. Also, do not get lured by the lower interest rates offered by some lenders before checking on their extra fees. This will save you from paying higher interest rates.

If you have a good relationship with your lender, ask for help

If you have sound business relationships with your lender, then nobody but they can show you the correct path to get a bike loan. Approach them and if the lender provides the loan, go for it as you might also get some additional benefits with no chances of hidden charges.

Be alert for any upcoming offers on two-wheeler loans

Some of the lenders in the market might put up offers and discounts on the bike loans, especially during the festive seasons. Stay updated with all of them and find the best one that suits you. Apart from this, if you have a considerably high credit score, i.e. 750 or above, some of the lenders will also provide you with a pre-approved loan offer with highly competitive interest rates.

Borrow the amount that you actually need

Assess your needs before filing an online application for the two-wheeler loan. Know about your capacity and requirements before deciding the loan amount. If you end up borrowing extra money, it will cost you more interest accordingly. So, think before you fill the loan amount column in your application.

Assess your repayment abilities

Think twice before you decide the bike loan amount, tenure, and bike loan interest rate. Assess your abilities to repay the money that you are availing in the form of a bike loan. If you can’t make timely repayments, it can affect your credit history in the market.

Know about the prepayment penalties and benefits

Prepayment is encouraged by some lenders while others may charge penalties for prepaying the loans. Prepayment of the loan will reduce your burden and save the amount that goes into the interest. Hence, it is necessary to get all the information regarding prepayment before applying for a bike loan.


You can definitely fulfil your dream of having a bike and two-wheeler loans make it easier. But don’t hurry while making a decision for the loan. Take your time, follow the tips mentioned above thoroughly to get the best bike loans.

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