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LED Vapor tight fixtures

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Vapor tight Fixture

Vapor tight as the name suggests is a type of light fixture which covers the lamp in a way that no external possibly damaging factor can reach the lamp and affect its functionality.

These are sealed or gasketed luminaires which are used in both indoor and outdoor spaces prone to harsh environmental factors such as dust,dirt, moisture, toxic chemicals etc.

Vapor tight fixtures are compatible with LED and are commonly known as vapor tight led. Highly adaptable and added benefits of LED technology makes them very successful application of low bay and high bay led fixtures.

Low bay vapor tight fixtures are used in homes or retail where they are exposed to moisture or heat to avoid possible damage and ensure longevity of fixture and its functional components.

Vapor tight high bay led is generally used in industrial spaces or manufacturing plants. Basically such places where heavy duty manufacturing processes are carried out. The ceiling height in such places is above 20 feet and they require bright light to keep the area illuminated throughout for the feasibility of workers in that area.

Vapor tight led is available in sizes ranging from 2ft to 8 ft. The fixture ‘s durable design is made up of high quality full metal lining, which is fixed inside a reinforced fiberglass housing with a high impact diffuser to ensure the uniformity and brightness of light imparted. The LED lamps used in such fixtures are new generation LEDs which allow them to impart different ranges of coloured light. They are integrated with drivers with a rating of 0-10V which in fact makes them the very durable and efficient replacement for fluorescent lights in both indoor and outdoor locations, such as car washes, airports,toilets, tunnels, parking garages etc.

Vapor tight high bay led fixtures are typically huge as compared to other fixtures. They are available in 2,4 and 8foot lengths. These fixtures are usually surface mounted or are suspended from ceiling through chains and cables.

For added efficiency and reference they are available in different IP ratings according to the type of environment they can be exposed to.

The usual protection ratings are IP65-IP67.

IP65: protects against direct exposure to dust and water.

IP66: protects against pressure flow of water projected in fixtures direction.

IP67: protects against dust and can be used underwater.

 Few of these fixtures which can be used in food processing plants are also NSF- rated.

Vapor tight high bay led fixtures are available in different wattages depending on the need. They are available in 20W,40W up to 140W with a voltage rating of UNV 120-277V. High bay leds are also integrated with motion sensors and emergency backup options.

Benefits of LED high bay vapor tight fixtures

LED technology has significantly taken over the lighting industry in recent years. It has overcome almost every problem associated with quality and usage of traditional lighting technology.

  1. LEDs provide better quality of light and allow the consumer to choose from better colour rendering options ,varying colour temperatures from soft warm to cool white light and lumen output.
  2. LED lighting though has higher upfront cost but due to their longer life span and low maintenance cost they prove to be the better replacement in the long run. This is an important factor as maintaining High bay fixtures is quite a complicated task.
  3. LED can retrofit outdated or old fixtures and are proven to be very energy efficient as they have better light output.

These vapor tight led fixtures are available in high impact clear or frosted lenses for uniform and powerful light coverage which is ideal for task lighting, in schools, laboratories, hospitals, industries, garages,cold storage areas and exteriors where dust and moisture is the main hazard.

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