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Know Everything About Making A Diy Permanent Maker Mug For Parents Day

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Now the world is facing really a tougher time due to the pandemic situation. Moreover, everyone doesn’t even know when will these things are going to end and when the people will start leading the normal life. So in this pandemic situation when anyone is not getting anything from the market then at this time DIY will help them the lot. In this article, you will get lots of information about the DIY permanent maker mug for parent’s day. This all is just because parents mean the world for every individual.

With this DIY mug maker, anyone can give the beautiful flower bouquet. Which will even enhance the beauty of the mug. If you want to buy the beautiful rose birthday flower bouquet. Then there are lots of sites which are available on the internet. After contact in any of the online companies, they will positively send flowers to Bangalore with the accurate time being mentioned while the order was being taken. Not only this the online site will definitely provide the best flowers and at the most reasonable price.

What are different process to follow to make a DIY permanent maker mug for parent’s day?

Parent’s day is really one of the most special occasions in the life of the children. This is just because they get only one day to make their parents feel how much they love them. So the followings are some of the different processes to follow to make a DIY permanent maker mug for parent’s day and they are:

  • The first and the most important things anyone will need to make these DIY gifts. That includes a white coffee mug this mug is available in any of the gift shops or the shop that contains coffee sets. The next thing that anyone will need is the permanent marker to choose different varieties of colors don’t go with one colour only. So the third you will need is the alcohol rub. 
  • So in the second process, you will need an alcohol rub to just wipe the glass. While buying coffee mug it is possible that there will be stains. Which has been caused just due to grease and dirt. Which is very much important to rub otherwise it will give a dirty look. So to remove this alcohol rub will help the most. It will rub all the stains on the glass. 
  • In the third process, you have to just take the permanent marker. With this permanent maker just draw anything you like. You can sketch your parent’s face or can even write quotes on the coffee. So drawing on the cup will always depend upon you what you want to do. The picture that will be drawn on the cup will make parents very much emotional. When anyone is drawing on the coffee mug and at that time any mistake happens. At that time just take the alcohol and run on it. This will remove the stain. But while making this gift it is important at the same time that there should be an Anniversary bouquet also. This combination will definitely look beautiful.
  • Once drawing on the mug is completed after that just take this cup and put in the oven. In oven just turn it on and bake it for 450 degrees just for 50 minutes.
  • After 50 minutes when the whole baking process is over after that take the cup out from the oven. After taking out the cup just wait for it until and unless the cup is being totally cooled. Once the cup is being cooled the drawing will automatically be settled. One thing is there once the drawing is bring made after that the drawing will be permanently on the mug and the drawing will never fade out.
  • After following all these steps your coffee mug gift will be ready and after that just give it to parents for the special day. They have always waited for. With this, anyone can also include happy birthday flowers or the anniversary flowers. So that they will always get the two happiness first is for the gift and the second is for the bouquet.

There are lots of people around the world who don’t know how to draw. So while making this coffee mug it is not at all compulsory that you should be a painter. But while drawing it is important that whatever anyone is drawing anything at that time it should be from their heart. So for this, if anyone wants to buy the most beautiful flowers. Then just switch on to the online site and choose the best online company for flower delivery in India.

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