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Introduction of Instructional leadership and Its Importance

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Are you interested to know the concept of instructional leadership? It simply describes the role of a principal at school.  Moreover, it also focuses on the decisions as to what necessary steps are required for the betterment of the school. Certainly, the school principal is the one who mentors, educates, and guides. Therefore, the role of a principal is crucial in school.

In reality, both the success and failure of school management depends on the principal. The school principal is responsible for the overall hierarchy i.e. from the top management till the lower staff. It should be the school principal that motivates and encourages the students, teachers, and each single school staff. However, the support of a principal should not only be bound within the school boundaries. The co-operation should also be provided outside the school as well. 

Earlier, the principal and the teachers never thought and worked on the leadership roles. Their roles were limited. Now, the principals are focusing a lot more on their leadership roles and trying to improve the overall school management structures. Let’s now discuss the importance of instructional leadership.

Importance of Instructional Leadership

The following are some importance of instructional leadership: 

Communication Skills

Instructional leadership promotes communication at the school. Previously, the school management was unaware of the communications among the teachers and students. But, now, the instructional leadership has given more attention to communication skills. 

Both, the verbal and written communications are improved all across the school management. The principal is providing the guidelines to teachers as to how they should enhance their communication with students. Monthly meetings are now held at school where the principal discusses the issues and provides the framework for better outcomes.

Such communications were never promoted earlier. Moreover, due to instructional leadership, the students are now also encouraged to directly send the email to teachers in case of any queries regarding the class lectures.

Improve Relations with Parents

Previously, the school management never gave importance to parents in grooming their children. But, the instructional leadership identifies the importance of the parent’s suggestions and involvement in the relevant school decisions. The principals now understand how important the role of a parent can be on the success of students. In the present time, the principal also arranges a parent-teacher meeting every four to five months. The meeting consists of the plans and techniques to improve the student’s academic performance. The principal and teachers also provide useful ideas to enhance the student’s learning.

Moreover, the parents are also encouraged to provide their feedback on the performance of teachers and school management. Additionally, parents are given the right to provide relevant ideas to add an important topic in the course outline or to remove irrelevant topics from the course

Recover Relations with Teacher

The teachers and principals never had a friendly relation with each other. But, since the instructional leadership is promoted, the positive change has been observed between the principal and teachers. The instructional leadership has improved such a relation in an effective way. 

Now, the teachers can easily discuss any school-related issues with the principal. In return, the principal also gives importance to the problems and suggestions of teachers. Gone are those days when the principal never intended to enhance its leadership skills. But, in the present time, the principal keeps on improving their leadership skills. This eventually creates a friendly relationship with the teachers. 

Promotes Curricular Activities

As an editor from nursing essays UK the instructional leadership concepts have brought immense positive changes in the decisions of the principal. The principal now focuses a lot on the academic performance of students. Earlier, the school principal considered hard work as the only source of the outcome. But, now the perception has changed. A principal understands that curricular activities are also important for the growth of students. 

Such activity does not only refresh the mind. But, it also increases the confidence of the students as well. According to the latest research, the student who participates in curricular activities is more likely to be sharper in studies as compared to non-contributors. 

I hope this article has provided you some useful knowledge about instructional leadership. It simply indicates how a principal can learn some useful leadership skills and improve the complete school management. 

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