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Important Things to Consider While Renting a Warehouse and Industrial Space

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Whenever we start a business or trying to expand it, we need a huge space to manufacture and store goods and inventory. To fulfill our needs, we look for industrial space or a warehouse on rent. Warehouse or industrial space is the multi-use spaces used for the production, storage, and distribution of goods or products. 

But before taking any industrial space or warehouse on rent, you need to consider a few important things to successfully fulfill your requirements. Here are our tips on finding industrial space or warehouse on rent in Bhiwandi, Mumbai including what to look for, how to assess your space requirements and leasing needs. 

  • Square Footage

Square Footage is the most important thing to think about. How much space does your product require? Is it possible to stack your goods or products? If you are getting the answer to these questions, then space is best for you. 

  • Climate

Will your product be affected by heat, cold, or moisture? There’s nothing worse than losing all your stock after a warm or cold front or living in a humid area. Many storage areas do not provide HVAC systems, be sure about it. 

  • Lease Length

Most warehouses are going to try to bargain for a longer time, say 5 to 10 years. If you do not see yourself dedicated to this period, it is better to find a store for shorter periods or even month-to-month rentals.

  • Bills

It is important to consider all bills like electricity bills, operating cost, maintenance cost, and taxes before taking any warehouse on rent. Before signing any agreement with the landlord, make sure you are aware of your responsibilities. 

Wrap Up

There is various warehousing company in Bhiwandi Mumbai and finding the best one is the biggest step. Make sure you take time to look for several properties, consult with property experts to consider your choices, and then examine all leases with lawyers before you sign them and take the warehouse on rent

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