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How to make money from survey Applications?

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You may have lot of applications in your mobile phone such as social media applications, gaming applications, informative apps like news or books.

 But are these application helping you to make money?

Because there are some applications that can help you to make money with having to do much work. Today I will show you some of the applications you can download for free to make money from your home.

1.    Real cash app

It a great application available on play store that can help you to make money. You have to complete some digital tasks such as taking survey, downloading other free applications.

This application pays you money through PayPal once have completed some digital tasks and earned money.

If I talk about the reviews of the application, they are really amazing with 4.7 stars. The real cash app has been downloaded than 1 Million times. So you have an idea of how good this application can be.

To find more interesting applications then go to this website and read the blogs to find the best applications

2.    Poll pay

This application gives you amazon gift cards, PayPal money, iTunes and Spotify vouchers and google play voucher as well.

You have to take online survey and give honest opinions in the survey to earn money because surveys are rechecked by experts and if they find that you have given a survey that doesn’t sound honest then it maybe a trouble for you or you may get banned.

This application is free to download on the play store and you will get in your PayPal. The rating for this app is 4.6 and it has been downloaded 1 million time+

3.    Atta poll – paid survey app

Another best app to complete surveys and earning money for free on your mobile phone. Atta Poll is a paid survey that’s pays you for completing various surveys on the application. 

The surveys are regularly update in the app. So, you don’t have to worry about not making money because if the surveys are not regularly updates then you can’t make money but with this app you don’t have to worry about such thing.

You don’t only make money by doing surveys there is also another option to make money form this application and that is called “refer and earn”.

With refer and earn you have to invite friends to this application with your referral link. Once your friends download and join the application with your referral link. This application will pay you some amount of money.

If Italk about the reviews of the application, then the reviews are really amazing as 4.2 star ratings. This app also has been downloaded more than 1 million times. The comments receive by the application are also good.

4.    Toluna App

With Toluna you have to answers basic questions or surveys and you can win points in the application and you can convert these points in PayPal cash or you can win cool products as well.

You will find surveys regarding big companies who want to launch new products and with Toluna you can win very fast as compared to other apps.

The ratings of the Toluna app are also very good “3.6” and downloaded “1 million+”

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