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How to Give Your Child the Best Basketball Party of His Life- Tips and Ideas 2020

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Are you looking for ways on how you can throw the best NBA kid’s party? Then, the search is over! It’s time to invite your kid’s favourite teammates and shoot some hot hoops at your child’s upcoming birthday party. We’re here to help with some easy and reusable decors in order for you to come up with a fun party for your child’s next birthday party. This is the most perfect birthday party idea if your child is a fan of basketball. 

If you want to know more about the theme, food, invitation, games, and decor for a basketball birthday party, then just keep on reading! 

Basketball-Themed Foods

Photo by Kara’s Party Ideas

Don’t know what to serve your hungry basketball players? Here are some ideas for the menu you can try: 

  • Basketball Chicken BBQ Sliders 
  • Basketball Pancakes 
  • Basketball Snacks-On-a-Stick 
  • Basketball Coffee Cuff (For basketball moms or kids too! ) 
  • Nutter Butter Referees
  • Popcorn 
  • Basketball Oreo Pops 
  • Team Trail Mix

Of course, it’s crucial that you don’t forget your basketball-themed cake! You can either have the cake made by a professional cake artist if you want to have a breathtaking 3D cake. Or if you have the DIY skills for making the best basketball cake, you can try it since it’s a more budget-friendly solution. You and your kid can even make the cake together so you can bond too! 

Basketball Invitations and Party Arrangements 

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Aside from the basic basketball party supplies such as cups, plates, napkins, and decorations, you can also buy, rent, or borrow these items to make your child’s basketball party more fun: 

  • A basketball hoop (size depends on the age of the kids)
  • Basketballs (either smaller size or regular) 
  • Basketball jerseys and sweatbands 
  • Gymnasium as a location that has a basketball court already prepared (you can consider this) 

Meanwhile, for the invitations, you may want to create your own, or if you’re not the artsy type, you can try searching free personalized basketball invitations you can easily edit online. But if you are the creative type and you want your kid to join you, here’s how you can make them: 

  • Using an orange construction paper, cut basketball shapes out of it. 
  • Draw lines on the paper, you can use a pentel pen, and sprinkle some silver glitters on top. 
  • Wait for a while for the glue and glitters to dry. 
  • Once it dries, you can write the party details on the back. 
  • Have a photo of your kid wearing his favourite team jersey with a basketball on his hand. 
  • Glue the photo with white construction paper to the back of the photo with the party details. 
  • You may also have the photo read like a trading card also. 

If you need help with party planning, you can always hire a kid’s party entertainment provider so you won’t have a hassle in preparing everything. 

Basketball Party Games and Locations 

Photo by Fun365-Oriental Trading 

While it’s not required that the party should be held outdoors, it’s actually better if you do since it’s a sports-themed party and everyone will surely move and need a bigger space. If you already have a basketball court in your backyard, then that’s more awesome. If you don’t have one, you can always throw the party at a local park that has a basketball court. An outdoor party is the best idea for this type of party, you can provide your little players with the chance to get off their seats and play on their feet. Make sure your games and drills can give the kids fun points to earn as well as the prizes. 

If you have young children at your basketball-themed party, you may want to buy a small basketball set instead of having a bigger set that’s more suited for older and taller kids. For the prizes, you can give the children basketball-themed prizes such as whistles or sweatbands. 

Basketball Decorations 

Your party location should also be well-decored with a basketball theme. You may want to keep your child’s favourite team in mind so you can use their colours when it comes to choosing the tablecloths, streamers, banners, and cutlery. You can place some orange circle table cloths, basketball plates, black streamers glued on to make a basketball and turn the cups into hoops using a paper and marker. To match the theme and decorations, you may want to invite your guests to wear jerseys to the party. If they don’t have jerseys, you may give them some duds by placing some white tee shirts with fabric markers. Doing this will allow everyone to make their own jerseys. 

Basketball Party Favors

Photo by Amazon.in

Lastly, the party won’t be complete if kids can’t go home without feeling like winners. Some of the party favours we can suggest for you are: 

  • Basketball key chains 
  • Basketball wallets 
  • Mini-trophies 
  • Little foam basketballs
  • Basketball stickers and stationeries 

You may follow our tips for your kid’s upcoming birthday so he can have the best basketball-themed bash of his life! Did we miss out any tips that can help other parents? If we have, please don’t hesitate to share it with us down in the comment section.

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