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How to deal with suicidal thoughts due to failure in studies

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Lisa was an outstanding student, throughout her academic years of school; she remained one of the brightest stars. Last year, before completing her graduation, she started working in a reputable organization. She was one of the fresh hires and was about to have a bright future. But when the finances of the company tanked, management thought to remove the new ones because they were without seniority.

This was not the only issue; Liza showed up with unsatisfactory results in the finals of the university and failed the year. This dragged her to suffer from severe stress. Unemployment and financial crises made her overwhelmed with the harsh realities of life and she lost interest in everything. It happened so slowly and no one realized. The hopeless, helpless, and depressed her thought, the world would be a better place without her.

This is the story of Lisa, a young, talented, and bright girl who lost her life after getting into a practical world. There are thousands of students who face the burden of studies, fear of passing exams, financial expenses, commitments, and deadlines. 98% of the students battle the suicidal thoughts once in their academic life.

-A report showed, close to 800,000 people die due to suicide each year. This means one person every second.

NIMH also reported that almost 2 million people attempt suicide every year. The firearm, poisoning, and suffocation are the basic methods used for suicide. Isn’t this terrifying?

-If 2 million people want to die in a single year then it is the scariest thing ever! Why do they want to take their lives? Did life become so hard for them that they couldn’t even stand to support living?

The rate of suicide is higher among students and young people. The disappointment in the job hunt, responsibilities, broken relationships, and failure in every aspect of life leads a person to the extent that he takes his own life.

Here are the 5 ways for the students and the young generation who is battling against suicidal thoughts and are facing any failure. Suicide is never acceptable. It is a hard and complex reality which your loved ones cannot afford. Top essay writing penned, if you ever feel that failing a particular subject and getting a rejection for a job is your loss and your mind brings suicidal thoughts, then here are the proven tips for you to stand against them and fight!

Promise not to do anything at that moment:

If you are ever going to have suicidal thoughts in your mind after you failed your particular course, make sure you do not do anything at that moment. Take it easy. Consider yourself like a character that tries and fails but never stops.

Do not attempt anything right at that moment. Keep your heart and your emotions strong and balanced. Promise yourself not to hurt your body and soul because it is precious. Love your parents and do not take your life for granted only for failure in some subjects.

No to drugs and alcohol:

Drugs and alcohols always lighten up your negative thoughts. Just cut them off from your life. Having alcohol with your friends and suffering from a job rejection at night may lead you to any extreme step and you can take your life without even giving it a second thought.

Make your home the safest place on the entire earth. Detach every hurtful thing from your house. Give away the alcohol and medicines to someone whom you trust. Your suicidal thoughts may drag you to have a high dose of alcohol and drugs which is extremely dangerous to your life.

Have hope:

People who commit suicide mostly do not want to die; they want to kill the pain which exists in them. The Golden Gate Bridge which has assisted more than 3000 people in completing their suicide, its survivors have regretted trying it.

Even after having suicidal thoughts, it doesn’t mean you want to die. Have faith, trust your talents and skills, keep the hope alive. Remind yourself, there is no peace in taking your own life just to avoid the challenges.

Speak to a trusted friend/ take help:

If you are the victim of suicidal thoughts then you are recommended to make friends, the ones whom you can trust in your hard times. Speaking to a trusted friend about your mental state and asking for emotional help is not a shameful act.

Not having a supporting family, caring friends and the motivating partner in any of your failure can easily drag you towards stress, fear, and anxiety. In such scenarios, suicidal tendencies begin and the person can easily commit suicide. 


The students are highly recommended to practice tips of the growth mindset. The real heroes are the ones who face the difficulties of life. Getting rejection from the job or not achieving good grades in the university can never cost your life.

Preparing yourself in advance for the upcoming journey and taking everything easy will make you feel lighter and lesser stressed. Here teachers and parents are recommended to stay supportive for their students and children. If you take something more serious than your life, it can drag you to the thoughts to commit suicide.

The aforementioned tips are tested and proven to help the students so they can deal with their anxiety and unspoken thoughts of committing suicide efficiently and competently. Remember, life is a precious gift of the Lord,and failing the courses must not be the reason to end your life.

Try to find positivity in everything and follow your passion to avoid huge disappointments. Suicide is extremely painful and those who were managed to be safe after committing it have regretted their decision, so make sure to do something which keeps you happy, bright, and joyful!

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