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How Much Can Liquid Hand Sanitizer Protect People from Infectious Disease?

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As cases of COVID-19 continue to spread, there are many people who are searching for things that help to protect themselves and others from this infectious disease. The WHO has classified the new coronavirus as a pandemic. So, it is suggested to maintain social distancing and avoid large gathering to slow down the transmission of the virus.  

People are also including some small habits in their daily lives. And hand hygiene is one of them, so they use liquid hand sanitizer or wash their hands with soap and water to reduce the potential risk of infection and transmission of the virus. It is ideal to find a reliable PPE product supplier to buy a face mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, face shields, and many others. Here you can see how much can hand sanitizer really protect you from coronavirus.  

They Seem to Be One Effective Tool Against the New Coronavirus  

For preventing the spread of new coronavirus, the CDC suggests wearing an N95 mask and washing the hands with soap and water for 20 seconds when possible. When you are in a public place where washing hand with soap and water is not possible, you can use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol, because alcohol will be effective to kill germs.  

The new coronavirus is an enveloped virus that means it has an outer wrapping covering. Due to this reason, you can kill the virus using hand hygiene. By using an alcohol-based sanitizer, you can disrupt the virus envelope that is a membrane covering the virus particle. By disrupting the membrane, you can inactivate the virus.  

You should also perform hand hygiene after interacting with or touching anyone who has been sneezing or coughing. The contaminants of the virus spread when a person with the infection coughs, sneezes, or talks, sending respiratory droplets into the air where other people can inhale them. By using hand sanitizer, you can protect yourself from picking those droplets and transferring them to your eyes, mouth, and nose.  

They are More Effective for Overall Hand Hygiene 

Washing hands with soap and water is more effective than sanitizer because it washes the visible particles off your hands. The soap itself lifts microbes and dust from your skin, and the mechanism of cleaning and rinsing your skin complexes that effort, which is essential if your hands are visibly soiled. Choosing between hand sanitizer and soap works better depending on the situation. When you are out in public, using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is the best method. When you come back to your home after office then washing hands with soap and water is great.  

How to Make Sure Your Sanitizer is as Effective as Possible? 

A hand sanitizer with less than 60% alcohol may not be effective at sanitizing. To make sure that you are doing a good job to get the germs off from your hands, you should be cautious about using products that contain 60% or more than 60% alcohol. It is also essential to read the label before buying or using a sanitizer. Also make sure, after using hand sanitizer, rub your hand together until they are dry. And don’t wipe your hands when it’s wet. If you don’t follow these steps then your sanitizer won’t effectively kill the new coronavirus germs and other illnesses.  

You should also pay attention to under your nails that people often miss. And if you wear rings, you must make sure to cover any skin underneath your jewelry. 

Washing hands with soap and water are the best way of protecting yourself from infectious pathogens. And this is also one of the smallest steps that people should consider for reducing the risk of getting and passing along with the COVID-19.  

But when it is not possible using alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be an effective alternative. With this, you should also wear a mask to keep yourself and others safe from the virus.  

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