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How Gmail and G Suite Stopped Worldwide

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Gmail and G Suite

Gmail and G Suite are the services of Google. Google is providing free email services to users with the help of Gmail. Users can create a free account on Gmail. After creating a free account on Gmail, users can use it to send and receive messages. G Suite is a set of collaboration tools. The main tools that come into G Suite are Gmail, Hangouts, Docs, Sheets and Sites. Users can use these tools to enhance their productivity. They can also use these tools to enhance productivity. Millions of people are using these services. These services are providing a seamless experience to the users. Recently, users have to face some problems from the Gmail and G Suite. This problem was that Gmail and G Suite suddenly stopped working worldwide.

How Gmail And G Suite Stopped Worldwide?

As we have discussed earlier that Google is providing a seamless experience to the users with the help of these services. Therefore, users never face any kind of problem while using these services. On Thursday, around 2:00 pm AEST, users have reported that they are facing problems while getting access to Gmail and G Suite. They are not able to send and receive messages. At 3:30 pm, Google provided an update about this issue. The representatives of the search engine giant asked that they are instigating the problems of the customers. After investigating these problems, they will provide the necessary information just after a few minutes. At around 6:00 pm, they had resolved this problem. While resolving this problem, they have flagged some essential services of G Suite Gmail, Google Drive and Google Docs etc.

According to Down detector, they have received almost 2,800 complaints from the users of G Suite during these hours. The users are not experiencing this kind of problem the first time while using Google services. If we go back two months in March, the users of Google have to face similar problems. During that time, the main services of Google like Gmail, Google Docs and YouTube were down for the US East Coaster users. Anyhow, these problems were faced by a specific region. Now, these problems are faced around the world. Its reason is that Google has received complaints from all the corners of the world. Google had explained the failure of these services in this specific region. According to Google, this failure of Google’s services in this region was due to router failure in Atlanta.

Problems Faced By The Google Users?

Due to the coronavirus, most of the workers are performing their duties from their homes. The students are also getting an education from their homes. They are using Gmail and G Suite for remote working. On Thursday, these services were closed worldwide. Due to the closure of these services across the world, remote workers have to face lots of problems. Lots of tech companies have to face delays in their projects. Most of the people have started to think that if these problems will not be resolved, they will have to lose their jobs. Some tech companies have also started to think that they will have to face delays in their projects. That’s why Google has received lots of complaints from around the world just within few hours.

Due to the pandemic conditions of coronavirus, the schools are closed around the world. Most of the schools have started to continue the educational process through online classes. Research by a dissertation help firm shows that to continue the education process through online classes, they are getting help from most of Google’s services. Students and teachers are using the G Suite services to continue the education process. They are using these services to get lectures. Most of the students had faced problems because they can’t connect with their teachers to take lectures. Some teachers had to take exams. They were not able to conduct exams. Some students were also facing problems because they were not able to see their GSCE results.

The representatives of the search engine giant have also acknowledged these issues. They have said that they have taken immediate actions to resolve these problems. During these hours, their users have to face lots of problems. The employees were facing problems because they were not able to perform their jobs remotely. They have to give explanations to their employers. The students had also faced terrible conditions. Its reason was that they have to wait for several hours to check their GCSE results. The Down Detector of Google has also shown complaints of lots of users. According to them, they have received these complaints from all the regions of the world like the UK, Greece, Japan and Malaysia etc. They have complained that they are facing various issues in uploading the files.

A digital economy professor at the University of Nottingham has revealed the power of these small tech apps. He has said that during these few hours, these small tech apps have revealed their power. He has also revealed the power of tech business. According to him, almost all people are depending on this small service. If this service is out of order for various days, we have to face lots of problems. Its reason is that Gmail is the world’s most famous email service. Almost 1.8 billion people are using this service. If this service is out of order, it means that it will affect 1.8 billion users around the world.

Nowadays, the economy of the world is also based on digital services. Due to coronavirus pandemic, thousands of businessmen have hired employees online. These employees are performing their tasks through remote working. They don’t need to attend traditional offices from nine to five. Most of the employees are performing their duties by using Google’s services. If these services are out of order for various days, they will have to face some serious issues. They have to attend traditional offices. If they attend traditional offices, they can’t follow the rules of social distancing. As a result, they have to face coronavirus issues. Moreover, some companies will move to other cloud services. Their employees have to take training to learn these apps.

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