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Happy Birthday Songs with Names: How to Throw the Ultimate Birthday This Summer

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Summer birthdays are the best. Every single element works in your favor: the weather, the food, and especially the fun.

The question is, how do you make something that’s already inherently great even better? How do you take it up a notch and make the birthday guy or gal feel extra-special?

We have some ideas, including tips for the perfect, personalized gift – a happy birthday song with the name of your loved one.

Here’s how to throw the ultimate summer birthday party. Let’s get celebrating.

Play Your Happy Birthday Song with Name at an Incredible Summer Party

Use any of these ideas to start the summer birthday fun and keep it rolling all day (or all night!). First on your list should be finding the perfect party gift.

1. Give the Perfect Gift: A Customized Happy Birthday Song with Name

The happy birthday song is an iconic piece of any birthday party. The traditional Western version is usually referred to as “Happy Birthday to You” and is sung to the tune of another song from the late 1890s called “Good Morning to All.”

Regardless of its origin, no birthday would be complete without a birthday song, whether you choose the Western version or a Hindi version.

For the perfect summer birthday, take it one step further. To get everyone in the birthday party mood AND make the guest of honor feel extra-special, whip out an insanely personalized gift at just the right moment: a happy birthday song with name.

This is just what it sounds like: a professional recording of the happy birthday song personalized with your loved one’s name. Play it over some wireless speakers at your summer birthday picnic, and the recipient will feel like a king or queen for a day.

How do you make a happy birthday song with your name?

You can get a happy birthday song with name in Hindi, with an Indian name, or a Christian name – just choose your preference from the happy birthday song with name generator at BirthdaySongsWithNames.com. Whether you choose the popular “Baar Baar Din Ye Aaye,” “Jab Se Paya,” or the traditional happy birthday song, you can’t go wrong.

Birthday party tip:                                                         

2. Throw the Party Outside

Summer provides the ultimate backdrop for an unforgettable birthday party. Why waste the sun and warmth on an indoor party when you could kick it outside in the sweet summer air?

You’re not limited to your backyard, either. Think of fun outdoor spots in your town or city where you could host the party: parks, public spaces, nature areas, swimming pools, or other gathering spots – these are all prime locations.

If the place where you want to hold your outdoor shindig is privately owned, make sure to call and ask about making a reservation for party space well in advance.

3. Have a Birthday Picnic

You can’t mention summer and the outdoors without also conjuring up a picnic.

Summertime and picnics were made for each other. Eating a feast under the sun and sky makes any party more special. A picnic is just the ticket for a summer birthday that blows your guest of honor away.

Here are a few ways to pull together the perfect birthday picnic:

4. Keep Cool

When we talk about summer birthdays, we can’t forget about the heat factor. When the sun is scorching on the day of your outdoor party, try these simple tips to keep you and your guests cool:

5. Create Some Atmosphere

Every memorable birthday party has an unforgettable atmosphere.

The summer season will help you out a lot here with its vibrant flowers, leaves, and trees. That said, it won’t take much to go the extra mile.

6. Play Backyard Games

Once you have the food, decorations, and birthday music figured out, throw in some outdoor games to take the party over the top.

To ensure the most fun for guests of all ages, choose simple games with universally known rules. Don’t plan on games that require a lot of equipment. Here are the best outdoor games for a summer party:

7. Serve Up Summer Treats

Every summer birthday party should include summer treats served up for everyone. Make it more special by bringing these out right after you play the happy birthday song with name, or just serve them when everyone is finished eating.

Top Off a Summer Party with a Happy Birthday Song with Name

Summer birthdays are special affairs. No matter who you’re celebrating, add one or all of these elements to your party and you’ll be the talk of your guests long after everyone goes home.

Best of all, you’ll create a memorable day full of fun and surprises for someone you love.

Don’t forget to top off your summer birthday celebration with a special song. A happy birthday song with name is one of the easiest gifts that makes the biggest impact. Play it during the most special moments of the party to create memories that will last forever.

Find thousands of names, including that of your birthday guy or gal, plus up to 6 song choices in Hindi and English at BirthdaySongsWithNames.com.

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