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Gmda To Take Over Service Roads Of Mcg, Widen Stretches, Build Tracks | Gurgaon News – Times of India

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GURGAON: MCG commissioner and GMDA chief executive officer PC Meena has ordered the transfer of service roads in sectors 1 to 57 from the corporation to the metropolitan authority.
The service roads, which were being maintained by MCG, are being transferred for maintenance and integrated planning to help reduce traffic congestion since most of the master roads in these areas fall under GMDA’s jurisdiction. The move is part of the civic body’s strategy for improving the city’s road network, officials said.
Meena issued the order on Friday. “All the internal public health services running under/along these service roads shall continue to remain with MCG. This move is in alignment with the comprehensive strategy for maintaining and enhancing the main road network, resulting in smoother traffic, enhanced aesthetics, providing better public amenities and an overall better urban infrastructure,” the order read.
The matter was also discussed in a meeting of the GMDA coordination committee on Friday, when Meena outlined that all service roads in these sectors were being handed over to GMDA. It was also discussed in the meeting that the repair of roads must be collectively taken up along with development of cycle tracks, central kerbs and horticulture works.
According to GMDA, the transfer will help in the redevelopment of cross-sections of roads, which include the main carriageways, service roads, footpaths and cycle tracks.
“The width of the master roads that divide the sectors will also increase. For example, if the master sector road is 30 metres wide and has 6m-wide service roads on both sides, the width of the entire road will now increase to 42m as both roads will be with us for upkeep. So, on each side, we can have a 10.5m-wide carriageway, 2.5m-wide footpath, 3m-wide cycling track and a 3.5m-wide service road. This will ensure the development of the entire cross-section. We will also carry out streetscaping for an improved commuter experience,” GMDA superintending engineer Arun Dhankar said.
He added that GMDA had already floated tenders for the redevelopment of Galleria Market road and Vyapar Kendra road. The roads will have a central verge, cycle tracks on both sides, green belt and footpaths. “After we proposed the redevelopment of these two key roads, the discussion to replicate a similar model by taking over service roads was initiated for overall development of the roads,” Dhankar said.
GMDA officials also said if the main carriageway is in a good condition but the service road is not maintained, vehicles will usually take the main road. If the service roads are repaired and redeveloped, traffic will be distributed and vehicular movement will be smoother. “The transfer will also address the problems on service roads such as random entry and exit points, encroachment and waste dumping,” an official said.
GMDA plans to hire consultants to plan redevelopment of all roads under its jurisdiction in phases. Project estimates will be prepared and tenders will be floated, officials said.
Residents pointed out that encroachments on service roads were a matter of serious concern. A majority of the service roads are in poor condition, they said.
“It is a good decision to hand over the service roads to GMDA. But the authorities should ensure that the roads are cleared of encroachments and footpaths along these roads are also maintained. As GMDA also has master drains under its jurisdiction, sewer lines should also be handed over to the authority along with service roads so that one agency is responsible for everything. The existing situation is such that if one government agency wants to get the work done, it has to seek permission from the other if the service is not under their jurisdiction. So, the process becomes complicated and time-consuming,” said Udaybir Yadav, a resident and member of the GMDA residents’ advisory council.


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