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Geyser Installation & Repair

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With the winters approaching, geyser becomes a necessity in Pakistan. The beautiful winter breeze only feels good when you have ample amounts of hot water to warm yourself up.

If you are one of those people who cannot survive the winters, you probably know how much of a blessing geyser is in such cold. It is for people like you that Mr.Mahir has introduced geyser home service-now you don’t even need to get out of your house to find someone to install or repair your geyser. All you have to do is open Mr. Mahir’s website and book yourself an appointment for instant geyser installation near me and you will have an expert waiting at your doorstep to get the job done for you. Simple and easy.

No wonder water heaters and geysers are a blessing but they are also a bit difficult to handle. Be it an electric heater or gas one, you should always be careful with it. Here are a few pointers you can stick to after getting a geyser installed at your house.

Pointers for Geyser Maintenance

  1. Hire professional help: To get instant geyser repair in Lahore, hire professionals from Mr.Mahir to make sure the installation and repair are safely done and there are no risks of explosion. Your slightest bit of negligence can lead to harm if your geyser or water heater is not properly fixed.
  2. Get your desired pressure: To get the perfect water flow, make sure you place the geyser at least 6 feet above your floor. If it is fixed below this height, your water flow may be disturbed and instead of getting good pressure, you might end up having a trickle or two.
  3. Don’t forget the surroundings: Leave some space around your geyser to make it more approachable. You need to make sure that you are leaving some space between the geyser and wall so that it can easily be repaired later on. If the technician doesn’t get enough space to check the water heater or geyser, it might be messed up and can not get serviced properly. In addition to that, try to get it installed in a place that has nothing around it. Many people get it fixed above a shower or bathtub for easy access but its access becomes difficult when it needs any repair.
  4. Minimize your expenses: Minimise the need for water heater repair by taking care of it. Try not to leave it on for lengthy periods. Usually, people let the geyser and water heaters stay on for prolonged periods in the morning to get enough warm water for the entire family since there is not much time. Well, it was in the old days that you had to do this- nowadays, geysers only take 3 to 4 minutes to heat up water so you can just switch it on five minutes before you need hot water.
  5. Get regular check-ups: Lastly, get bi-annual or at least annual check-ups of your geysers to keep them as well as yourself safe from any problems. If you can repair it yourself, good to go but, if you need help, take geyser home service from Mr Mahir and enjoy hot water not only in winter but all year round! 

We hope these basic tips help you in maintaining your geyser well and good, However, if you come across any functioning problem related to your geyser, we are just a call away. Call us in confidence and we will get you the right professional for instant geyser repair.

We are positive that geyser home service from Mr Mahir will leave you with ultimate relief for all your geyser and water heater needs!

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