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Get Notified Transfer of Sensitive Data from Company Devices

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Nearly a decade back there was a discussion of how could the sensitive data of a company be transferred to an unauthorized mobile phone. Well, that was just around the corner of the beginning of smartphones. The discussion surfaced soon after a company lost its data to a competitor.

The data breach has always been troublesome for companies since computers and mobile phones are in use. Initially, it was the computer that led to the leakage of sensitive information from a computer manufacturer. Later, almost every other giant company suffered from data breaching. Entrepreneurs have been worrying about their data for quite long. Today, this problem has gone even worse.

Small Businesses and Data Breach:

Every business, whether big or small has some sensitive data. A decade back, businesses had their infrastructural plans, business layout, and marketing strategies. Today the digital marketing strategies are becoming the common item to be stolen. Further, the level of competition has immensely increased, since every business is there on the internet.

Well, every entity tries to top the search engine ranking. For that, they can do anything, even steal the digital marketing plans of their competitors. This problem is growing among the small and medium-sized business, as the search engines are leveraging them the playground to enhance their clientage.

Indeed, the entrepreneurs in the present world are among unsafe people. Their plans are not safe, their strategies are at stake and their perception is public. That is all because their data is unsafe.

How to Protect Sensitive Data?

This is certainly the priority of all businessmen. They want to protect their data at any cost. Well, there is a plausible solution available that can help businesses retain confidence in their data. Further, before that, let’s explore how sensitive data is lost:

  • Data is copied through official emails on the phones
  • File-sharing apps transfer data
  • Data is shared through text messages and messengers
  • Remote access to the office computer

Well, some expert data thieves have even discovered advanced ways of stealing data. Among them are the ransomware, which is an extension of remote access.

Now, the question be, how to protect the sensitive data from being stolen? Let us explore an option called OgyMogy.

Protecting Data with OgyMogy:

You must be aware of the spy or monitoring apps. OgyMogy is one of them but is not just a conventional tracking app, instead, it has plenty of features to monitor and control the office digital environment.

With OgyMogy employers can see what is happening on the office computers. They can see every activity their employees are doing. Along with that, they can set up the attributes for the red flag. Red Flag in a way that could notify them if something suspicious is happening.

That all goes to the extent of computers. Further, OgyMogy even looks after mobile phones. Employers can see which employee has been copying the sensitive data of the business. Additionally, Phone tracker enables employers to restrict access to sensitive files through smartphones. Even if someone has readily got the files, the employers can delete them remotely.

This is not just all, there are plenty of other things that OgyMogy does. Like it can help the employers see who is spending more time on social networks and who is busy working. Also, employers can keep a check on explicit sites. Not to mention, ransomware and similar data breaching bugs come from the sites containing piracy and explicit content.

Take the Step Before You Lose All of Your Business Data:

You are aware of the competition in the market. Every other business has a competitor and every business wants to get ahead in the competition. Indeed, businesses are serving each other as a rival. In this situation, it is obvious that data breaches will happen. If not today, then it might happen sometime tomorrow.

So instead of waiting on losing the data, better act up. Else you know how difficult it is to come up with a new plan. Along with that, once the data gets stolen, the morale goes down. It changes the temperament and the feeling of failure encompasses the mind.

That is all the failure psyche. Simply end it up with OgyMogy!

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