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Facebook likes to grow: 10 tactics, thoughts, and examples

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The “like” on your Facebook profile isn’t just a vanity metric. It means a true person interested in your business. You opened a communication channel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well, yeah, it’s really effective in online marketing.

Don’t worry, if you’re just beginning. These techniques impact both seasoned users and beginners.

1. Using Live for Facebook

Video with a kick is used to arrange an inquiry on Facebook Live or to preview a new product. It is particularly attractive as people can respond and engage with your company in real-time. Answer viewers’ questions live “on-air” and make sure that your fans have the best possible attendance (on Facebook and other social platforms).

It is an excellent way to show fans the personality behind your company (and to increase Facebook likes) by hosting interesting and engaging Live sessions while delivering content they would want more. They’re going to like your page to ensure they don’t miss your next live show.

2. Post discounts and deals

You can use Facebook for sales ads and deals as a forum other than coupons. Post them with a picture (usually more attractive) and a CTA that your website needs for the most recent promotions.

As you see in H&M ‘s message, people who want a 20-per-cent discount from H&M must prove that they like the H&M web page on Facebook.

3. Advance your email list page

Please include the list you created by sending a newsletter requesting Like your Facebook page by means of lead generation strategies and promotions. Make sure they know that you’ll want Facebook to sharpen the new sales, content, and promotions.

Another thing you can do is to add a CTA to your Facebook profile at the end of each e-mail newsletter. This is not overly commercial (as the previous proposal could)

4. Attach a button like that to thank you for your pages

Add instructions and CTAs on the thank you pages of your landing pages and popups to like your Facebook profile. You would most certainly like your Facebook page for people who converted to a campaign already.

This is particularly true if you just entered a contest as you would like to follow your social media account to see if you won.

5. Fill your website with a popup exit

Add a pop-up to the web page to guide the traffic from your site to your social platforms by asking you to like your Facebook page. Although you might think it’s a similar tactic to add a similar button on the header or sidebar, inserting a pop-up prompt helps place the front and center of your website.

6. Get clients to study the company

As I mentioned earlier, the first touchpoint for people who study your company is always your Facebook profile. Reviewing customers helps create trust and persuade tourists of the benefits of your company. With a lot of positive feedback, customers prove that you are the real deal and can help to make Facebook more enjoyable.

7. Give your company customer service

Comments and notifications made by customers on Facebook can be a perfect way of maximizing Facebook’s liking with support queries. This tells other visitors to Facebook that you are supportive, your website is successful, and that social media are used as a forum for actually communicating with your clients. Customers who have earned or will be in need of good service in the future would probably like your place.

8. Influencer Associate

The marketing of influencers is an important aspect of social media. Connecting to important industry leaders to share your Facebook profiles will help you enter additional areas of your target market and increase your love for Facebook. This can also help to build social evidence – you can bet your fans if influencers support your company.

9. Make use of trend topics

The posting of innovative content will help to build on trending news. The posting of material related to recent news is synonymous (for example, the most recent presidential election or award show). It’s topical-people are interested in these subjects, which means they can share and discuss them more often. Make sure your articles are linked to your product at least.

10. Share content created by the user

Show your fans and supporters that the content about your goods or company they publish is shared with you. This is an ideal way to complete your content calendar and allows other fans to share more content about their products. More content from fans will help to spread your company’s name to those on your target market and boost Facebook’s liking.

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