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Everything you need to know about Facebook ads!

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To obtain good results with the marketing strategy on social networks, seeking only organic reach is no longer enough. It is necessary to invest in ads on Facebook and Instagram Ads to increase the generation of Leads and, with that, the business opportunities for the agency’s clients. By doing a detailed ad management, it is possible, for example, not only to create new campaigns but also to check their impact in real time.

However, investing agencies are not always able to achieve the expected result. Discredited of the strategy, they often retreat and avoid new investments. This is especially so because, most of the time, the failure is linked to the lack of planning of the paid media. When ads are not aligned with the business’s marketing strategy, campaigns no longer have a clear objective making it difficult to achieve results.

Therefore, it is essential to know the tools that can assist in the planning and execution of paid media on social networks. If used well, the ad manager has the potential to simplify and optimize ads.

Before, however, you and your team need to know the dynamics of the tools, the profile of the target audience of each network, the optimizations and the good practices that can help in achieving great results.

Want to know everything about Facebook and Instagram ad management? We have prepared a complete content for you, with the essential information on the topic to guide you.

Read on and find out how to optimize the reach of paid media on social networks.

1 What are Facebook ads and how do they work? And on Instagram?

Managing social media ads can help you strengthen your customers’ digital marketing strategy. Before starting, it is important to remember that Facebook and Instagram ads cannot be isolated initiatives, launched without planning or criteria.

To be successful with this type of practice, it is important that it is connected to the objectives and initiatives already defined and planned to increase the visibility of the brand. Next, you will learn about the structure and purpose of the ads on Facebook and Instagram.

On Facebook Ads, advertisements can appear in many different spaces: on the side of your timeline, on the timeline itself, within pages, groups, etc

When advertising on the network, it is possible, for example, to create different formats of Ads (ads) and segmentation models, which boost the sales journey and reach the public of the brand, with more effectiveness and greater efficiency.

When using Facebook ADS, the advertiser has full control over the elements that will compose the ad. You can define a title, text, image, display location and ad type. Each choice must take into account and, above all, be aligned with the company’s business objectives.

Exhibition location:

On the social network, there are three spaces where advertising can be served. Are they:

Ads on the right side of the desktop: they are displayed on the right side and can be displayed on the main profile page and on the feed, photo albums, events, groups, etc. pages. However, as its name suggests, this type of ad is shown only on the desktop.

News feed ads on the desktop: are shown in the news feed amid other content.

Mobile news feed ads: are displayed in the user’s news feed when they connect to Facebook using a mobile device.

• Types of Facebook Ads:

In addition to the exhibition spaces, there are several types of advertising, with different purposes. It is possible, for example, to attract new followers and promote engagement in publications. This definition depends on the timing of the brand and the predefined digital strategy. Check out the types of ads:

Like page: the page’s profile is highlighted in the feed, and the user can like it directly through the ad.

Page post: the page publications are highlighted, and the user can become a fan through the ad itself.

History of “Like” page: the user can become a fan from the ad, which indicates the pages that his friends liked.

History of “Like” page publication: the ads show the history of “like” the posts on the page and the user can become a fan through the notice.

Interactions with page publications: displays a highlight indicating that your friends liked, shared or commented on a post on the page. In this way, the user can become a fan through the ad itself.

Ad for apps and games: the app or game used by friends is highlighted. Thus, the user can access the application or the game from the paid media.

Location ad: the ad highlights the location of the company / product and has a direct link to Facebook Places. Therefore, it is displayed to the target audience according to the check-ins carried out at the establishment.

Domain ad: the user’s friends know they liked and shared the content or linked to their website in their status update in the last 7 days.

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