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Drug Addiction: a much bigger problem than it looks

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Alcohol and other addictive substances pose a significant risk to road safety. Every year, more than 500 people die in traffic accidents caused by alcohol or drugs in the India. With the growing level of alcohol or drugs, not only the risk of caused but also uncaused traffic accidents increases for drivers.

How do drugs affect drugs?

The situation is different for drugs compared to alcohol. Not only does each person react completely differently to them, but the active substance itself can vary significantly from case to case. “While we know a lot about alcohol, drugs remain largely unknown. Their effects are little studied. Another problem is the combination of different substances and their impact on users,

Probably the most serious problem at the moment is the use of marijuana. Among young people, the number of their consumers is still growing. Consumption of marijuana doubles the risk of a traffic accident on average and driving under the influence is a criminal offense in the India.Many cannabis users are shocked that, unlike alcohol, THC, an effective psychoactive substance in cannabis, can be detected in the body even three weeks after consumption.

However, an even bigger problem occurs in the chronically ill, especially in the elderly. For many of them, marijuana use is the only effective relief from health problems. At the same time, some of them are drivers and need a driver’s license. Today, in these patients, we cannot clearly determine the extent to which the use of cannabis for medical purposes affects the ability to drive. And that’s where the dog is buried. There is not just one type of cannabis with an exactly predictable composition. In addition to cultivation methods, the ratio of active substances mainly affects the specific genotype of the plant. There are many types of marijuana and their composition has not yet been accurately mapped.

Drug addiction – an inconspicuous threat

The ability to drive can also be affected by common medicines at drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, which are very common among people and their use is still growing. Thus, antihistamines, drugs for high blood pressure or diabetes, various types of psychotropic drugs can be dangers. The risk is, for example, sleeping pills, even the most modern ones, which nevertheless increase the risk of an accident almost threefold. They are statistically more dangerous than marijuana (see picture below: Frequency of addictive substances in relation to the risk of an accident).

One of the most effective ways to reduce repeated driving under the influence of alcohol or addictive substances is rehabilitation centre in Thane for drivers, which repeatedly revokes a driving license. It is a therapeutic-educational cycle, the aim of which is to change the attitudes and lifestyle of risky drivers, led by specially trained psychologists. So far, only psychological examinations that can detect especially extreme cases are mandatory in our country . But they do not go deep and are not enough as a measure. “Therefore, caught drivers should undergo not only an examination by a psychologist, but also an examination excluding addiction and especially the mentioned rehabilitation program , in which they will gain important information and knowledge and space to think about changes in their lifestyle.

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