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Do You Need A Rehab Centre To Treat Your Drug Addiction?

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Drug addiction can make a person completely hollow from the inside. It breaks you down mentally and physically. And that is not something you want for yourself or your loved ones. But it can be difficult to see the light when you’re buried in the sea of addiction. It’s difficult to ask for help, and even more difficult to turn yourself into a rehab centre and stay there for a few weeks without your friends and family, although it is the most advisable for getting off the bandwagon effectively.

Treating Drug Addiction at Home

What is needed to treat a drug addiction is a detoxification. The detoxification process requires complete removal of the substance from the patient’s body, keeping at it for several weeks until the body gets accustomed to living without the substance and doesn’t crave for it. This is a challenging task to do by yourself as there is no one stopping you from reaching out for your stash when there is a strong yearning for it.

The first thing you need to learn is that treating addiction can take a long time. Removal of the substance from your body may result in your body reacting in ways only a professional can comprehend and treat. Also, drug addiction requires a wholesome treatment. It is not simply about healing your body but also healing your mind. Treating your mental health is one of the most important aspects when dealing with addiction. Since addiction often finds its breeding place when you wish to escape certain stressful situations or circumstances, it can also be caused by the need to feel a certain high or rush which you may not be able to find in anything else in your life. More often than not, addiction is one of the symptoms of other underlying issues such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, and so on.

Detox processes are difficult. The patient needs constant care and attention. The body can be reactive when the substance is removed, and at times, especially in cases of alcohol addiction, it can lead to fatalities. So, most professionals avoid at-home detoxifications and treatments for substance abuse. It becomes easier for you to quit when you are under all-day supervision of someone else for several weeks, living with people who are going through the same experiences as you. In a rehab centre, you can escape from situations which might make your craving stronger and simply focus on getting better.

Some great rehabilitation centres in Delhi can be the most helpful to you, but if you or your loved ones are refusing to spend time in a rehab centre, or unable to go to one because of responsibilities or financial situations, there are a few other methods you can try to treat your drug addiction at home, along with being under a constant mental and physical treatment plan.

  1. Find Support: Doing this alone can be extremely difficult. Find your tribe who will support you through this journey. You need to be accountable to them for your life so that if you slip, there’s someone to watch over you and get you back on the track. These people shouldn’t be judgemental. They shouldn’t only be supportive but also try to be better themselves. As someone who is fighting addiction, you need to feel that you’re not alone. You can take group therapy and get better through shared experiences.
  1. Start Moving: Addiction makes you lazy. You always look for reasons to not go to work, not get up and make yourself breakfast or not tidy yourself up. This temperament of not being productive can fuel your addiction. What you need is activity. Regular exercise is proven to release endorphins that are hormones for happy feelings and thoughts. It boosts confidence and is extremely helpful for recovering addicts. You need to replace your ‘high’ from drugs with a ‘runner’s high’.
  1. Clear Your Head: Happy thoughts is what you should aim for. Anxiety, stress, anger, and sadness are all negative feelings that can encourage an addict to stay stuck in the same cycle. To heal completely, you need to learn how to manage the highs and lows of your mood without reaching out for the bottle or drugs. You need to actively clear your head of thoughts that may bring you down. If it’s difficult which it may be in the beginning, you can distract yourself by doing things that make you happy. Begin a hobby – start gardening, smear paint on a canvas or bring home a pet to keep you company. As a treatment for your mind, you can try meditating. Meditation has been proven to be greatly helpful for recovering addicts in managing their headspace.

While these are tips that can help you, none of this is a replacement for medical care and professional drug abuse treatment.

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