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Delivery Man in Gurugram Steals 10 iPhones, Replaces Them with Fake Phones before Delivery

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Delivery Man in Gurugram Steals 10 iPhones, Replaces Them with Fake Phones before Delivery – Owning an iPhone or other Apple devices has become more than just a means of having the latest technology; it’s now considered a status symbol. Unfortunately, this popularity has made them vulnerable to theft, as they are a prime target for thieves looking to make quick money by selling them on the black market. Recently, a delivery man in Gurugram allegedly stole 10 iPhones and replaced them with replicas, which he then had his brother return to the company, claiming that the customer could not be contacted.

The delivery company suspected tampering with the packaging and, upon inspection, found fake phones inside. A case was registered against the delivery executive for cheating and criminal breach of trust by an employee, and police are trying to apprehend the accused, who is currently on the run.

In another incident, thieves in Seattle went to great lengths to steal 436 iPhones worth Rs 4.10 crore ($500,000) by tunneling their way into an Apple Store through the bathroom wall to access the backroom where the phones were stored. They bypassed the store’s security system and stole the phones. Seattle Coffee Gear, the neighboring store, had to spend almost $900 to replace their locks and an additional $600 to $800 on bathroom repairs.

While thefts and fake iPhones are not uncommon, it is interesting to note that thieves are now targeting high-value items like Apple devices as they have become as valuable as gold. With the retail price of the iPhone 14 starting at $699, these gadgets are in high demand on the black market, making them prime targets for theft.

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