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DCIM 101: What is Data Center Infrastructure Management?

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When you connect your camera or your smartphone to a laptop to view the folders, have you ever noticed a folder named DCIM? Where do you find your images in your camera? Yes, that’s Data Center Infrastructure Management. It is such a common term that has always been associated with almost every life on this planet. But this is not about the storage space for our memories, this is about looking at What is Data Center Infrastructure Management on a larger scale.

So, what exactly is Data Center Infrastructure Management?

You would be surprised to know that these data centres have a much higher purpose than just storing documents or images. DCIM is used by organizations to solve their data storage and management issues. It is a cloud-based integrated data centre solution that bridges information against multiple organizational domains like IT, facilities, data centres, etc.

Large organizations have a vast amount of data, information, and ideas to store and they would require something bigger than their system’s hard drive. That is when Data Center Infrastructure Management comes into the picture. One such solution is EcoStruxure™ from Schneider Electric. It helps data centre and IT professionals to manage and monitor the confidential and critical IT infrastructure. It is a cloud-based DCIM that revolutionises IT through its cutting edge technologically and converting a building into a smart building.

Why do you need DCIM?

There are umpteen reasons for one to go for the What is Data Center Infrastructure Management solution, the first one that tops the charts is to stay connected with the latest technology, which in turns helps you to stay ahead of your competition. Not only this, but there are also many more reasons for a business to invest in DCIM. Some of them are listed below:

Enhance Employee Productivity

You get to work with a fully automated and integrated program that helps the team to accomplish tasks such as reservations, moves and changes.

Increased Efficiency of Data Centers

With the help of DCIM, you can easily collect essential data from IT and non-IT loads, and buildings to ensure the efficiency of corporate energy initiatives.

Improved Capacity Utilization & Planning

You can instantly allocate and model spaces for new racks, servers, facilities, and IT equipment.

Increase Uptime

With a built-in alert system, you can quickly resolve failures before they even hit users or the services.

DCIM has now become an integral part of every smart building. Ask why? The answer is obvious because it can handle a vast number of sites that have limited or no IT staff at all. EcoStruxure™ IT Expert from Schneider Electric monitors solutions with critical physical infrastructure from various vendors. This allows the facility managers to monitor all network devices centrally, consisting of configuration changes, from anywhere around the world.

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product is not just any software or solution that resolves issues. It is much more than that. The new-age DCIM technology is advanced to a level where it not only supports just power and cooling systems but, it also works on disaster recovery with its real-time analytics.

What is more interesting about the advanced Data Center Infrastructure Management system is that it uses Artificial Intelligence to make the workflow flawless. This helps to drastically reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

Cloud computing and IoT or, the Internet of Things has changed how everyone perceived technology, Data Center Infrastructure Management is the next big hit. It converts your infrastructure into a smart building, gives you an edge, and helps you easily achieve the results that have long been in the pipeline pertaining to slow work mechanisms. Hence, there is no doubt in saying DCIM is not just here to stay but to rule.

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