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Darjeeling, The Popular Vacation Destination In India

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Darjeeling is one of our favourite places to visit in India. It can be said that Darjeeling is the queen of the hills of the developed and one of the rocky cities. The hill-town in Darjeeling was founded in the mid-nineteenth century, during the British established a military garage and sanatorium at Darjeeling. Earlier, Darjeeling was the capital of the ancient Gorkhas. After that, this beautiful place were gifted to the British by the ancient leader, the Maharaja of Sikkim. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas, Darjeeling is well-known for its tea production and the Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway. Here you can get most expensive hotel room in India. Darjeeling has always been a popular vacation destination in India due to its breath-taking beauty and pleasant climate. In addition to tourism, Darjeeling is popular for its various British-style public schools.

Some sights of Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a tourist hotspot and tourists come here year after year. Although no one borrows a season to visit Darjeeling, the winter is more crowded with tourists. In addition to the beautiful weather and breath-taking beauty of Darjeeling, there are many things to see here. There are about 17 interesting places to visit in Darjeeling. It is home to the highest railway station in the world. The world’s most famous place of worship is the Ghum Monastery, Batasia Loop, a beautiful monument like the one in the picture. Kilometres travel from one hill to another. Some of the most spectacular sights are:

Happy Valley Tea Garden

Situated on the Happy Valley Tea Garden-Lebang Carter Road, 1 km from the city of Darjeeling, Darjeeling is a quiet and smooth gateway to the busy tourist destination. This is a slender gauge of railway. This railway is one of the best UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of the most beautiful mountains in Darjeeling is visible during this railway journey. Sitting in the Happy Valley Tea Garden is a wonderful experience to drink the world-famous Black Tea instantly. The Tibetan Self-Help Center is a war-torn refugee center. Darjeeling Gorkha Stadium is a beautiful sports venue located at a height of about 6,000 feet above sea level.

Tiger Hill

Situated eleven km from the Darjeeling, at a height of 2590 m, Tiger Hill offers an outstanding view of Kanchenjunga and Mount Everest. It is therefore advisable to visit to the Tiger Hill very in the early morning to watch the sunrise from the top of the mountain. The zoo was built in 1956 in remembrance of Padmaja Naidu, the earlier governor of the West Bengal. One of the best and attractive zoos in this nation, it is one of the few zoos where wild wolves are raised. This amazing zoo is also household to several endangered species such as red pandas, Siberian tigers and snow leopards.

Dhirdham temple

We call Dhirdham temple a religious pilgrimage. If you travelling to any portion of the Indian subcontinent, then one thing is sure that you will see at least one antique Shiva temple everywhere. The Dhirdham Temple, situated just overhead the Toy Train Railway Station, is a beautiful temple that will always be remembered. This amazing colourful temple building is the abode of the most prevalent Hindu deity, the Lord Shiva.  And it is the oldest temple in the city of Darjeeling.

Observatory Hill

The observatory is a complete landscape, so you can’t believe it’s fun. Both Hindus and Buddhists have religious significance in this place. The Mahakala temple on top of this mountain is supposed to be an image of Lord Shiva. The Bhutia slum cave was located here before the relocation. Thus, this observatory hill is a place of interest for both Hindus and Buddhists.

St. Andrew’s Church

The St. Andrew’s Church is a special class that touches on history and culture. It was established in 1843, St. Andrew’s Church is an ancient British church and is called after St. Andrew, the gracious saint of the Scotland. Initially the churchgoers of this church were the Scottish soldiers and the tea-workers. The church was severely smashed in an earthquake and it was rebuilt in 183.

In addition, the Wire Memorial Hall was built to commemorate the bold soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation in numerous battles before the liberation in 1947.

Crossroads and the Mall

After it in jokes or entertainment. The Mall Road creates at the crossroads and borders, it is the heart of the town and people regularly visit here to shop, and to eat in the hotels and restaurants lined up on this road. The view from the crossroads is breath-taking and it is one of the most standard places in Darjeeling.

Where will you stay?

There are numerous residential hotels in the city of Darjeeling. Notable among these is the daily accommodation and meals at the notable hotel. Almost every hotel has places of interest, attractive jeeps for sightseeing, round-the-clock hot water system, instant service for any problem at any moment including cold resistant medicine.

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