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Cheap Throwing Knives for All Knife Enthusiast

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Cheap throwing knives have grown to become popular, high in demand weapons. They are different from typical everyday knives and take their inspiration from a couple of weapons of the past like the throwing tomahawk axe and the throwing ninja stars.

The throwing weapons are made up of pure steel and do not have a guard. They are slim in shape and are very light in weight which makes them easy for throwing purposes. Most of the time, you will get the weapons in sets of two or more knives so that you can have a considerable experience while outdoors. 

The weapon comes in distinct types, each having its own unique appearance. The weapon is suitable for people of all ages and even for all genders. The weapon can be bought into use for many things as well. This thing, along with the many types, makes the weapon worth buying for everyone. 

Throwing Knives for Sale – Various Kinds

While searching for the Throwing Knives for sale, you surely will get confused because of the many options available out there. These are the knives that you will most likely find. The customized weapons are one type that you will find.

They include knives that have cool colors, drawings, inscriptions on top. You get to notice the American flag knife that has the flag designed on top, and you get to find the Native American weapon that has been styled in a tribal way. Similarly, you get to find many other cool throwing knives that feature cool design on top.

The other type of knives that you will find is the fantasy real kunai knives. These are the knives that have been used by a hero or have been used in some movies or cartoons such as the ninja knives. There is also a collection of branded weapons waiting for you out there.

The branded throwing knives include knives from fantasy blades, perfect point, and the master USA brand. The branded collection comprises of some of the best throwing knives as they have solid blades and handles that are the best in quality and last for quite a long time.

Can Throwing Knives Kill?

This inquiry has been asked many times over and over again. Yes, the weapon can end up killing someone if hit at a weak point. However, the intent should only be to cause minor injury so that you have the chance to escape or have the chance to get the bad one caught. You can do this by hitting them at their arms or legs.

Are Throwing Knives Good for Self Defense?

Yes, as a fact, the weapon is really good for self defense. With the throwing weapon, you do not need to get into a fist fight or don’t even need to get close to your enemy. You can attack them as soon as you spot them from a safe distance. Similarly, you can attack them while having the weapon at home. Apart from throwing them, you can use them in a fist fight as their small size proves to be quite effective.

Does the Military Use Throwing Knives?

Yes, the military uses the throwing weapon as it is quite effective in combat. When in the wilds or in a dark street, if you spot trouble, you can simply knock out the enemy with just one hit. That is why the military uses the weapon, and so should you be using the weapon for your safety.

Uses of the Real Throwing Knives

The real throwing knives are a weapon that has been inspired by history. Many cultures in the past have had their own type of weapon that they used for the same purpose. Ninjas, who originated from China, used throwing stars that were shaped like stars and had pointed edges. 

Red Indians or the Native Americans used an axe for the purpose of throwing. The knives that you get today are a modern version of these old weapons. They have an easy to carry design and are also easy to use. The following are some ways the throwing weapons can be used today.

Safety Purpose

They can be used to protect you by throwing them directly at your enemy from miles apart. One right hit with the weapon can do the job for you. Along with carrying them outdoors for your safety, you can put them on your bedside table and can keep yourself even safe when at home.

Collection Purpose

As the weapons have historical connections, and today you get to buy them in cool looks, they tend to be the best for the purpose of collection. When having them in your collection, they give the appeal that can leave anyone amazed. People will surely be asking you about the whereabouts of the weapon.


The knives are also great at hunting. The Red Indians used their axes for hunting as well, and you can do the same by attacking animals from a distance. You can even use them for shooting a movie scene that requires the use of the weapon.


Another use that not many know of is that of playing with them. Yes, you can play a game like a dartboard game with the weapon. You just need to set up a board, and you can compete with your friends. Having an entertainer in your backyard will be a good thing.

Where to Buy Throwing Knives From?

The weapon can be bought from any weapon place around you, such as Knife Import. The weapon is available throughout the country so that everyone gets to buy it.

Buy Cheap Throwing Knives

The weapon is available at low rates at Knife Import. You can buy the cheap throwing knives for your usage, or for making money, you can buy the wholesale throwing knives in bulk. When you buy in volume, you get the knives at discounted rates. Check out the availability of the weapon in stores nearby your place and order your cheap throwing knives right away to impress people.

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