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Can Blogging Lead To A Job? 5 Remarkable Blogging Skills to Add To Your Resume

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The increasing trend of blogging has grabbed the attention of the masses. Irrespective of age, people are exceedingly getting involved in blogging, putting immense efforts to generate or initiate new ideas. Fashion blogging to travel blogging to creative blogs internet is just filled with exciting and interesting blogs.

And with the span of time, more people are getting involve or wishing to get involved in this field.

But do you ever question, the favorite blogger you follow earns money through that blogging or is it just the entertainment?
Did you ever think that blogging can ever assist in getting a job or can lead you to a career path?

Do you ever think what does these bloggers get out of these struggles they put into?

If yes, then this article will provide you insight over all these questions that circled around your mind since you get to follow your favorite bloggers.

This article will also introduce you to the skills that you can add in resume if you are someone who is already a blogger or someone who is looking to be one in near future.

So let’s learn more about the blogging and how we can turn it into a career goal.


If you are someone who is eager to know if blogging can be a career opportunity then the answer to that question is a BIG YES!

You can surely turn blogging into a job:


Well, there are various categories of work you can get involved in if you are or want to pursue blogging.

  • Fulfilling Business Needs:

Businesses do need bloggers and hire them for various purposes. For instance, there is a dire need of bloggers for marketing purposes. Their blogging can certainly play a significant role in uplifting their business.

Business blogging is a marketing technique that makes one’s business visible and assists in promotion of new products or services.

Business blogging establishes authority and answers the queries and feedbacks.

Other than that, as you know that blogging differs from conventional comprehensive writing, the bloggers seeks to input creative skills in their content, in order to do so the bloggers in the marketing can present or market a product in creative ways, inciting interest of the audiences into it through their engaging and creative content.

So you can turn up to become a fine marketing blogger and get hired in a company at a good pay scale.

  • Fashion Bloggers:

    Be it a new fashion trend, a yearly color theme, or the discussion over the outfits of celebrities in award ceremonies, your blogging skills can be a source of driving interest among the audiences and a source of earning.
    Fashion bloggers sometimes assist brands in sponsoring their products. This assistance provided is paid.
    Audiences are thrilled and deeply interested to learn how their favorite celebrities looked at award functions, what outfit did they wear, what purse did they carry, what hairstyle did they opt.
    They look upon their favorite celebrity to catch up with the recent fashion. And you can be that instant source to present every detail in the finest way in front of these devoted and loving fans of those celebrities.
    Often these very fashion brands hire these bloggers to promote their brands among the audiences and with these services the bloggers provide they earn a fine amount of money from these brands.
  • Travel-Blogging:

    You can earn a significant amount of money if you are a travel blogger. Wondering how?
    Well if you are someone who is deeply interested in travel blogging, you can create your own blogging website, present your travel experiences into it, and be a freelance writer.


The salary of bloggers are not constant and it varies on the efficiency of the bloggers how effectively they involve their readers into their content.
It depends on the bloggers ability that made website visible in Google ranking, the more the number of followers the more the reputation of website increases which improves its position at search engine making it visible to sponsors who later hire them for assistance.


There are no qualifications or criteria to become a blogger, if you are someone with fine skill and talent and interested in initiating a blog then know your blogging skills can add a lot to your resume.

Below you will know what 5 skills of blogging can you add to your resume and can make a fine impression on your interviewers.

Writing Skill:
Whether you are providing an online CV writing service or writing a blog, having an effective writing skill is mandatory for this purpose. The key skill without which blogging loses its meaning is writing skills. For a blogger, it requires to have effective writing skills. And these skills can be mentioned in your resume and produces a proficient impression on the interviewer.

Web Design:
Mostly bloggers move towards creating their own website to introduce their blogs. If you are a blogger then you might have experienced in building an exquisite web design. The good news is this ability to give an amazing design to the website can do a lot to your resume. This is one of the must mention skills in your resume.

Social Media Skills:
This is another skill that can set a benchmark so don’t miss the opportunity to mention this blogging skill you acquire as companies and organizations are looking to appoint more social media experts for running and managing their websites effectively.

Creative Skills:
Blogging essence lies in its ability to present creative photographs or posters relatable to their blogging niche. This skill is presented in the resume can be very catchy for the interviewers.

SEO Skills:
SEO assists in content marketing, it makes websites like capstone project writers visible by ranking them. Blogger possesses SEO skills and this gives them an edge over the competition, hence adding SEO skills in your resume would have a great impact on your interviewer.


So if you are someone still confused about whether to pursue blogging or not, say good-bye to these confusions. Know that your blogging is never wasted and pursue your passion with enthusiasm.

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