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Are Wooden Blinds Capable of Blocking Out Light? Advantages of Wooden Blinds

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Wooden blinds are specially designed with the help of seasoned wood. They can resist the ravages of weather and stay sturdy across all seasons. Wood blinds are especially helpful with decors that happen to be more neutral and conventional, where the natural texture and grain of these blinds enrich the overall feel effortlessly.

Specific trends manage to withstand the test of time and evolve into classics. Wooden blinds are the best example of this type. This kind of blinds started coming into usage in the 18th century and have caught our attention ever since. They provide a great look both in a collectively traditional or natural setting and even in more swanky or modern rooms. The fantastic appearance, coupled with high-utility features and benefits makes wooden blinds a necessary window treatment option.

The Advantages of Wooden Blinds 

Wooden blinds have several unique benefits that make them increasingly attractive. Here, we will look at a few of them in more detail:

  • Better Insulation

Since wood is an excellent insulating material, blinds made of this material work exceptionally well to prevent heat gain from the outside of your house. Since the wooden blind slats are relatively thick, it also assists in the insulation process. These blinds decrease the temperature and guarantee a soothing atmosphere inside the house.

  • Versatility

When you choose to buy window treatments for your home, you also must think about its compatibility with the home décor because obviously, the window coverings are expected to match well with the all-around theme of the interior decoration. It can change the process of selecting a suitable window covering into a tricky task. However, in the case of wooden blinds, you don’t have to stress because they complement every kind of home décor. They are entirely at home in every atmosphere regardless of whether it is a vintage, modern, home, or office area.

  • Increased Privacy

Wooden blinds make sure you have better privacy, thanks to the opaque finish of the material. Unlike the fabric blinds that try in vain to preserve your privacy after dark when it is brighter with lights inside, wooden blinds deter onlookers from peeking into your house all through the day and even at night.

  • Natural Material 

Wood is an entirely natural material, and therefore the wooden blinds are entirely eco-friendly. They may also be handily modified to allow sufficient natural light and air to enter your house. It helps maintain the atmosphere in your home fresh and beautiful.

  • Durability

Wood is a strong element, and thus, the wooden blinds are more long-lasting as compared to fabric blinds. These blinds might be comparatively costlier, but because these are durable as well, they are certainly relatively cost-effective for the long run.

  • Low Maintenance

The material used in fabric blinds is porous and thus allows dust and dirt to permeate the fabric. It also results in the blinds getting discoloured, and you may even have to deep clean such blinds to maintain their looks. Wooden blinds, on the other side, are easy to tidy up and maintain. Due to the hard surface, dirt and grime, if any, sit only over the top. You barely have to dust the blinds, and they will look as good as new.

  • Customizable

Wooden blinds also give incredible customizability because the wood material is effortless to customize and adapt as per your liking or requirement. It is especially handy if your room has windows that happen to be oddly-shaped or inspired by off-beat architectural patterns. The grainy texture of such blinds even makes them appear pleasing and seldom out of place in every kind of home décor.

Wooden Blinds for Blocking Light

Wooden blinds are prepared from wooden slats that are stacked together if the blind is put up. They are normally attached with a string that enables adjustment of the amount of light reaching your room even if the blinds are completely down.

It is done by modifying the angle of the wooden slats: if the slats are down, they block out most of the light, and if they are angled horizontally and facing each other, then more light will enter. Therefore, wooden blinds manage to have greater control over the amount of light that can enter your space because most of the other blinds must be raised to bring in light, thereby compromising the privacy factor combined with them. Thus, one of the significant advantages of wooden blinds is that they are the most useful for blocking out light, which is a must, particularly when you have to rest during the day or if you have incredibly bright streetlights near your bedroom window.

ConclusionEven though wooden blinds in India might seem like a massive choice while decorating windows, they are ideal for smaller windows. As for their capacity to block light, they happen to be just as reasonable as blackout blinds because of the thick material, they’re fairest of both worlds, giving you a complete blackout whenever required as well as the capacity to adapt the rays of light according to your needs.

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