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A Wiser Approach To Smart Homes By Schneider Electric

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You would be surprised to know that the worldwide installed base for smart homes is expected to reach 286 million by 2022, with a compound annual growth of 29%. Germany, France, and Britain expected an amalgamation of 24 percent in the same timeframe.

According to a report, Asia Pacific is said to account for approximately 30 percent of smart homes by 2030, and if the rumours are true, they “could come to dominate the global market.”

Now, if you are still confused as to what smart home automation actually means? Imagine a house where technology allows you to control every device that is present via a smartphone or internet connection from anywhere in the world at any given time. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Well, it can be your home too. Once you accumulate all the information with the help of interoperable devices, you can increase your house’s comfort, safety, and efficiency.

Smart home control varies from simple to comprehensive. When talking about the most basic form, it involves a single device, for instance, a shutter or a smart plug that you can smoothly operate through your phone when you are in proximity.

Overcoming Barriers To Adoption

With the adoption of smart homes growing rapidly, recently, voice-enabled virtual digital assistants (VDAs) have been churning out more devices. They are an eternal part of the larger smart home ecosystem, which consists of a wide range of connected devices, which includes smart TVs, refrigerators, washers, and air conditioners, electrical light switches and sockets, thermostats, door locks, etc.

Making Things Simpler

The current market dynamics of the home automation system is turning out great for Schneider Electric. With their product, they anticipated at a very early stage, the challenges homeowners and businesses might face when they adopt smart technology.

They have a comprehensive range of connected residential solutions converge into an open, easy-to-use platform, and it forms the basis of a smart modern home. With the help of the scalable solution, it allows interoperability across various brands as well as future upgrades.

It is advisable to start from a single device with remote control (any popular VDA) and then expand gradually to a full home automation system that integrates the devices from all significant players that are there in the industry and at core, Wiser has rich features and user-friendly.

Partnering To Deliver Connectivity Solutions And Expertise

Wiser partnered with global giants like Danfoss and Somfy and created Connectivity EcoSystem that aims at powering and adopting connectivity technologies that are present in the residential and mid-size building markets. With the help of connectivity EcoSystem, you will get to enjoy seamless integration between the apps and the home automation products.

With the help of EcoXpert Program, you guys can also get access to an extensive global network of Schneider Electric- certified electricians and even systems integrators. Not just that, with the help of their digital electrician programme, they are able to provide their electricians partners with the knowledge and skills that are required in order to install Wiser solutions.

Comprehensive Wiser Offer Slated For Asia

As you might know that Schneider Electric is a global company that acts as a local expert. They know for a fact that one solution does not fit all, and the preferences of the customer may vary from market to market. They are involved in more than 100 countries plus have an extensive network, and they can easily tailor things according to your needs and then deploy them. Schneider Electric came up with Wiser in Asia in May 2019, plugged with features designed for that market. 

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