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A one-stop guide for buying electric kettle in India

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There is an epigram, “Early bird catches the worm”. Yes, we all admit that there are several benefits to waking up early. Are you one of those morning people? Almost all the morning people have one thing in common. You got it right. They prefer to have their hot morning drink just after they wake up. It boosts their stamina. Electric kettles give a hand to avid tea or coffee drinkers in all seasons.

This article clarifies your uncertainty before you get your electric kettle. The Electric kettle is just a humble electric device that lets you make your kitchen chores much easier. Cooking may require hot water very often, that’s where an electric kettle comes in handy.

Let’s look into the components:

  • Body: The body of the electric kettle comes with a handle, a lid, and a pouring snout. The liquid is to be poured into the body for boiling.
  • Heating element: This is the key to any kettle because it produces the heat. It is usually positioned at the bottom of the kettle.
  • On/Off switch: All the electric kettles come with an On/Off switch. Although many kettles carry the “automatic turn off” switch, they also provide a manual On/Off switch.

Benefits of having an electric kettle at home:

1.Timesavers: They save you valuable time to a huge extent. We surely do not want to spend more than a few seconds brewing our teas in the mornings. Electric kettles do the job faster than any gas stove or microwave.

2.Energy-efficient: A study shows that microwaves are known to be only 50% efficient as the energy is lost in converting the electricity into microwaves. An electric stovetop is about 70% efficient- most of the energy is lost in heating the air around the stove. However, electric kettles are proven to be 80% efficient in saving energy.

3.Safer to use: They are well-insulated. They also avoid the usage of direct fire hence avoid many hassles. They can be used easily by younger people who are unable to reach the stovetop. They come with an automated power off button which prevents the spilling over.

4.Temperature options: Some of the electric kettles come with the option to control the temperature of the boiling liquid. This may not seem so interesting for a normal user. However, a tea/coffee addict would appreciate this better. The tea or coffee would taste better at certain temperatures. White and green teas require the water to be at a temperature between 170-185°F. Coffee requires boiling water at the temperature around 195-205°F.

5.Cost-efficient: They are not heavy in your pocket, considering their functionality. An electric kettle cost ranges between 500INR – 3000INR. The costlier it gets, the better features it offers.

Maintenance: The Electric kettles can be maintained for long ages by just wiping them with a normal soapy cloth. They don’t require harsh scrubbing as they are mostly used to boil water. Wiping them with a solution of vinegar, salt and water would be sufficient to keep them clean and intact.

Aesthetic reasons: They add a hint of beauty to your modern kitchen. They come with colour variants that allow you to decorate your kitchen space with an elegant touch.

Final thoughts: The kitchen can function without electric kettles. However, in this busy, hectic life, where both men and women do a 9-5 job, anybody would agree that an electric kettle in the kitchen is a wise investment.

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