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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Developing A Business Website In 2020

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It has been over a decade that websites became a part of every business. Even if the business has nothing to do online, it has an existing website to display its digital presence to the audience. However, the websites developed earlier and the website developing in 2020 has a vast difference.

The digital era started with the inception of static websites, followed by dynamic and responsive websites. Every year with the arrival of new trends and technologies, developers keep themselves updated and implement them for their clients. If you reach out to the best website development company in Delhi, you will definitely find some new updated trends to follow.

This year as well, some new web development trends have evolved. Let’s talk about them in detail, before you end up creating something backdated.

5 Things to keep in mind while developing a business website in 2020

  1. Mobile-responsive site for mobile users: With the day-to-day rise of mobile users, there is a rise in demand for mobile-friendly websites. Today, more than 50% of website traffic is generated from mobile devices, instead of laptops and desktops. This gives an overall thought that without mobile-responsive web pages, you are going to lose a large number of visitors.
     Nobody wants to lose traffic, especially when a single visitor matters a lot for a business to set off. Therefore, along with dynamic websites, responsive and mobile-friendly pages are equally important.
     Even Google likes to rank sites that have mobile websites. Probably, this could be a great approach to bring your site visible to all your targeted audience.

  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): Next in the list is the Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP). No matter how good your site is or how compatible the site is with your mobile devices, if the pages fail to load instantaneously, they are meaningless.

    Google says, “We want sites to be rich with quality content, SEO factors, videos, animations, and many more. But simultaneously, we also want the site to load instantaneously. We do not want the users to wait more than a few seconds for the pages to load. No matter what device you are using, it should not take more than 7 seconds for the pages to appear.”
    Accelerated Mobile Pages are an important factor in a website. It even boosts SEO and helps the site to rank higher on search engines. So, friends, don’t dare to forget it.

  3. Chatbots for customer support: Buyers or clients nowadays spend more time online. As a consequence, they prefer to use online mediums to solve their queries and make their purchases.
     Great! But what have you decided to retain your online buyers? Consumers remain attached to a brand only when they feel the after-sales services are reliable and up to the mark.

    What you can do is introduce chatbots to your site and serve your customers and visitors with the best possible way. Chatbots are virtual customer support executives that have the potential to deliver accurate information in real-time. It analyzes the query, searches through the site, and then help the person with the relevant answer.

    Do you know around 85% of consumers prefer using chatbots today? Use this technique to drive in more consumers for your business.

  4. Voice search optimization is the new trend: Voice search is literally paving its way to enter the market. If you compare the voice searches of 2008 to 2016, the search queries through voice are multiplied by 35 times. How surreal!
    Today, 19% of people use voice searches for their queries. Among them, 55% are teenagers and 40% are adults. No doubt, the voice searches are contributing a lot to the business in gaining high ranks in the search engines.
     Therefore, introducing voice searches especially on mobile devices should be your prime step. Optimize your website for this and turn it capable of accepting voices.      

  5. Artificial Intelligence: Developers are paying more attention to artificial intelligence. It has been technologically proved that AI is responsible for the betterment of customer support, graphical evolution, and security structures. It is said that AI is the future of cybersecurity.

    By the end of the year 2025, AI will be able to prevent every kind of cybersecurity threats. Data breaches and vulnerability features will no longer prevail, securing the sites from unexpected events to occur.


Website development in 2020 involves mobile-responsive websites, voice search optimization, chatbots, artificial intelligence, accelerated web page loading speed, and motion UI. If you are interested to build a business site in 2020, don’t forget these things.

Adopting these trends for your website is the best policy to beat your competitors. This will improve your business performance and enable you to attract heavy traffic.

 Visit a digital agency in Delhi, talk about the trends, get the hands of some experts, and set off your business.

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