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5 Most Amazing Thing About Christmas in America

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Erric Ravi
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Christmas is the celebration of happiness and lots of joy. This is one of those festivals which celebrates all over the world on the same day.  It is said, on this day we celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday. There are lots of things we do at Christmas. In fact, the preparation of Christmas starts before the month. Basically, it is the festival of Christians but for every religion, people celebrate Christmas with the same excitement as Christians. I think this is the beauty of this beautiful festival. In fact, Christmas is a bundle of joy and happiness. Because at the end of the year, we all get a valid reason to be happy and forget our whole year’s stress. The best part about this celebration, for this we don’t need to take off from our office, school, and workplace. They give off by themselves. So today, we will be talking about 5 major things, which makes America different from other countries in the Christmas celebration. As we all know, almost 90% of American citizens are Christians, so it’s obvious. Today, we will have to see what makes their Christmas best in the world, and their Christmas specialty. 


First, let’s start with their food. But before that let’s talk about their special Merry Christmas cake. Americans have a very special fruit cake, which is their traditional cake, which they eat on Christmas. In their traditional Christmas l dinner, you will see a strong glimpse of Turkey. They have a big fat traditional dinner. Yes, Christmas can’t be complete without mass potatoes, soup, etc. But the icing on the cake is their special Christmas cookies. It adds not the sweetness in their dinner, but also sweet memory. You know, people send flowers online with special Christmas cookies to their loved ones. 

Believe in Biblical Christmas story

You know, every Christmas, this is the hottest topic of discussion in America. Some people say, Jesus is a virgin. Some people believe that the angel announced the birth of Jesus. Some people believe the baby Jesus was laid in a manager. Some people believe wise men guided by the stars brought Jesus gifts. Some people believe all these are myths. These all are self-made stories. God knows what’s the truth but these are the most popular topics everywhere during Christmas. In fact, so many people forget in this decision that the new year is also not so far. They have an order for the new year cake also. And that some people are my family because their discussion continues till the new year. 

Native scenes displays

You can say its tradition, custom, or whatever you want. But during Christmas, you will experience native scenes in the street of America. In fact, you can see it inside the houses. It’s like a big fair, children to adults, everyone shows their creativity through natives scenes. In fact, because of this some years ago there was a big argument. The topic of that argument was, what we should display on the street of America and on public property. Some people said native scenes and some people said, no religious things should be displayed. Religious things mean Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc. 

Stores greet customers

You know, you will be shocked to know or maybe you have experienced this. When you will go shopping in stores at Christmas. You will see most of the stores will greet you by saying ” Happy holidays “. But at the same time, another major part of stores will greet you by saying “Merry Christmas”. Because of this, there was a great argument. But more than half of the Americans said it’s their choice how they want to greet their customer. We should not judge, it should be their choice. So if you are thinking of going to go American for the Christmas celebration. If a store will greet you by saying ” Happy holidays ” don’t be surprised. 

Midnight Mass celebration

This is one of the most important celebrations in every Catholic country and home. It is widely famous by the name of Missa do Galo or Misa de Gallo. It’s a huge celebration that starts after completion of Christmas Eve dinner. 

So these are the 5 most amazing things that happen in American during Christmas. You know, behind every festival and every occasion, there is the only reason. And that reason, be united and spread love. So this Christmas don’t forget to send your love to your loved ones. Go and order online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore, or wherever your loved ones live. I hope you now know so many amazing facts about Christmas celebrations in America.

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