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4 Steps That Will Make Your Skin Glow Like Korean Skin

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From beauty essences to sheet masks, Korean beauty products and trends are taking up the American beauty market. most are talking about a few 10-step routines that are fashionable for skin-centric women in Seoul. But that’s an entire exaggeration. This was one of the primary things I learned from participating in this experiment. A week-long Korean skincare regimen doesn’t mean 4 steps daily.

“It’s a misconception that you simply need to perform all 4 steps a day,” Charlotte Cho, a board-certified beautician behind Soko Glam and author of the Small Book of Skincare, told SELF. “It’s about different types of products which will be used counting on skin problems and skin types.” for ladies who come from a two- or three-step routine, this ten-step effort might be reduced to 5 steps. there is. As a skincare enthusiast (and a cosmetologist who tries everything), I perform 7-10 steps each day. I actually want to immerse myself during this experiment.

“What really interests people in Korean skincare rituals is that the lifestyle and way of thinking behind the skin,” says Cho. If you’re one of those curious about long routines, inspect what my weekly Korean skincare regimen looks like-step by step and Laneige skincare masks.

Step 1: Oil cleanser

  • Purpose: An oil cleanser applied to dry skin removes debris from other oil-based products like make-up, sunscreen, and contaminant particles.
  • My experience: I recently got into the tide of oil cleansing, because of every week of using copra oil. But this point, I replaced the DIY oil cleanser with Banila Clean It Zero ($ 21, amazon.com). the feel and aroma of the merchandise were very soft and pleasant. I almost forgot that I needed to rinse it off. Every weekday, I used this oil to get rid of the daily foundation and mascara combo. But I didn’t use it to get rid of stubborn heavy eye makeup. For that, I used a cotton round soaked in makeup remover.

Step 2: Foam cleanser

  • Purpose: “Believe it or not, there’s still more leftover after one cleansing,” says Cho. This water-based cleanser is applied to wet skin and removes impurities like sweat and dirt. After double cleansing with korean product skincare (first with oil, then with foam), there are not any signs of dirt that would interfere with skin health.
  • My experience: I often remove makeup with copra oil, but I’ve never really double-cleansed it before. I always felt that oil alone was enough. But I actually enjoyed the second cleansing step, especially after running around the city and office for an extended day. After flushing the froth, my skin felt just like the bad particles had been completely removed, leaving a fresh start that would be used with the remainder of the regimen. I attempted Neogen Dermalogy Cranberry Real Fresh Foam Cleanser ($ 22, amazon.com), which contains real cranberry fruit particles.

Step 3: Exfoliator

  • Objective: Exfoliating not only cleans the clogged pores but also removes dead skin cells. Removing this dull cell layer will end in brighter skin. This procedure isn’t recommended for everyday use. If you’ve got sensitive skin, you’ll want to exfoliate just one occasion every week. If you’ve got a more severe complexion, you’ll roll in the hay more regularly (about 3 times a week).
  • My experience: I really like lazy exfoliating options like wipes rather than scrubbing. That’s why Cho recommended Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine ($ 21, amazon.com) on behalf of me. I used to be ready to easily exfoliate while watching my baccalaureate on the sofa. The double-sided wipe was full of wine (which smells serious but features a non-alcoholic odor) and carboxylic acid. The gauze side was bumpy, and that I felt like I used to be beginning the gank that clogged my pores. Then the quilted side gave you a mild end to the method. I did this 3 times during the 7-day trial.

Step 4: Toner

  • Purpose: “After many cleansers, the skin becomes fragile,” explains Cho. “So you actually want to hydrate it.” She also explains that toner acts as how to condition the skin, thus better absorbing subsequent treatment.
  • My experience: Toner has always been a skincare step I skipped. After lecture Cho, I became really grateful for this a part of the routine, especially when participating in such a large-scale cleansing. I attempted Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner ($ 40, amazon.com). At the start of the week, the consistency was so fluid that I used round cotton stuff to tap the merchandise on my skin. But by the fifth day, I used to be just pouring the liquid into my palm. once I realized that it wasn’t just water (it seemed like it at first), I didn’t want to waste a product that soaked into cotton.

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