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3 Try To Send ₹2.5cr Drugs To Israel, Held | Gurgaon News – Times of India

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Gurgaon: The Haryana state narcotics bureau arrested a man from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, on Friday for allegedly sending synthetic drugs to Israel via courier service. Two more accused were arrested in the same case on Thursday, said police.
The three accused are Jubair Hasan Khan from Jaipur, Srikant Tripathi from Jaipur, and Ram Lal from Kullu. They had attempted to send around 512 grams of amphetamine to Israel from Jaipur via Gurgaon.The estimated international market value of the seized substance is nearly Rs 2.5 crore, cops said. The Israeli recipient, identified as Mousiko, had met Shrikant at his hotel in Kullu, where he requested the delivery ofdrugs to his country.
Vikas Arora, the commissioner of police, said associates from the courier office in Udyog Vihar notified authorities on August 9 of a suspicious package that had passed through the check-in counter. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the package contained drugs. The Udyog Vihar police were immediately notified, and a complaint was filed on the same day.
According to the police, Ram Lal had instructed Jubair Hasan Khan to send the seized substance to Israel. He provided the name, address, and other details of the recipient to Jubair. The third accused, Shrikant Tripathi, had created a parcel of amphetamine and had sent it through the courier company in Jaipur on August 8. “Shrikant had taken an advance of Rs 4 lakh from the Israeli recipient in Kullu a few days ago. The remaining funds were supposed to be received later from Delhi,” added the police chief said.
Police also identified a fourth suspect, Pulkit.
An FIR was registered on August 8 against the four accused under the NDPS Act.
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