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Why should we give flowers on special occasions?

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Many colors may have been recognized through flowers as nature has shown its different colors in flowers. These blooms have these lively colors to attract the insects to transfer pollen from male bloom to female one. They have made themselves alluring for bees, flies, bugs, etc. Their strong aroma also assists in this task of the flowers.

Owing to their beautiful colors and pleasant smell, the dyes, and perfumes are prepared out of them. People grow them at the front of their homes to increase the beauty of their homes as whoever enters their homes gets mesmerized by these captivating blooms. It is a tradition of giving flowers on important events for a long time, and the following can be the reasons for it.

For long-lasting impact

Different people like different kinds of fragrances because they have memories attached to them. People can remember any smell for so long, and it is better to have a bouquet of flowers as the receiver can remember the same for a long time.

They can always remember the day when you gave flowers to them, even if the flowers are not there because of the fragrance of flowers. This can help in saving good memories. So, if you want to have a long lasting impact on your boyfriend’s or husband’s mind, then give him flowers. 

For the sake of the environment

Many people use artificial flowers for giving gifts and for ornamentation, but they should understand that the things made of plastic take a very long time to decompose and if the flowers are made of paper, then these are an unnecessary use of paper as a nation should save its trees from which the paper is produced. When the original flowers are available, then what is the use of wasting paper.

They do the double packing on many eatables with unique prints and designs for getting the attention of customers. They also use gift wraps, and all these things are made of plastic. On the other hand, one can give a flower or a bouquet of flowers wrapped in paper, and this gift would not create any pollution in the environment. If you are concerned about the environment, then you should definitely think of flowers every time you want to give gifts. 

For spreading prosperity

It has been observed that flowers can bring smiles to the face of people who receive flowers. If someone is suffering from depression, then you can give a bouquet of blooms to them. Most of the flowers blossom only for a short period of time, and when they are in full bloom, these are considered extremely happy. This gives us the lesson of a short and happy life as these remain happy in most of the periods of their lives. 

For giving a budget-friendly gift

Some people think that gifts are never-ending money pits, but there is no harm in spending some amount of money to make someone happy because, in the end, it’s all about happiness. We earn money to remain happy; therefore, spending money on things which makes us feel happy is not useless.

A bouquet of flowers is the best when it comes to giving economical gifts. Make your sister feel special by sending her flowers with the help of online flower delivery in Jaipur if you are falling short of money this time because of the lockdown period. Other materialistic things like expensive jewelry, branded shoes, and clothes, branded accessories, etc. are just for show off. If someone really loves you, then he or she would be gratified after receiving the blooms. Your real feelings can be conveyed best through a bouquet of flowers. 

For expressing emotions

Sometimes it can be hard to explain your feelings to someone. What if the person would not understand or make fun of you? What if she would get angry at you and insults you in front of others? These kinds of thoughts can stop you from saying your feelings to her, especially if you have a shy nature. That is why they take the help of flowers on Valentine’s day. Flowers have also been offered to express sympathy and respect at the funerals of dead people.

During ancient times, these were placed around the dead bodies to remove odors, which become part of the tradition, and even now, people use blooms like white roses, lilies, white carnations to offer at the funerals when the new ways of removing the odors have emerged. These are also given to those who are suffering from any illness or injury due to an accident.

So, you can also send flowers online for expressing your sympathy to your friend who is feeling under the weather. These kinds of people could be in anxiety or stress due to their problem, and a bouquet of flowers can change their mood. Blossoms are used at weddings for bringing good vibes, positivity, good wishes, and luck at the beginning of this new chapter of life.

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