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Toxic Relationships And Its Effect On Mental Health

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Relationships are hard work to do. There are conflicts and fights in every relationship whether it is that of a couple or any other. There is a mind and body connection that says that toxic relationships are very stressful in nature. Toxic relationships affect both mind and the body. Relationships can be very tricky and love is an emotion that is very hard to understand.

Toxic relationships are relationships that lack support, shows patterns of disrespect, dishonesty, abusive communication, and more which is emotionally and physically harming the other partner. Toxic relationships damage the self-esteem of the person who is abused and also drains the energy of the person. There is mutual understanding, care, love, and respect in a healthy relationship whereas toxic relationship is just the opposite of it and has insecurities too.

Signs of a toxic relationship

  1. There is a lack of respect.
  2. There is a lack of comfort.
  3. There are only lies.
  4. There is a lack of communication and trust.
  5. There are emotional, physical, and verbal abuse present in the relation.
  6. Aggression is also one of the main elements of one of the partners.

Effects of a toxic relationship

If you love your partner and don’t want to come over your relationship then once think of the effects of it on your future. The negative effects of toxic relationships are as follows:

Mental health

When you are in a toxic relationship, it may have an adverse or a negative effect on your mental health. Your confidence and self-worth can be damaged you may feel as if your mind, emotions, and thoughts are at war.

Guarded with suspicion

You must have listened that when you face one negative situation or incident then you become more guided and make yourself distant from people who try to come closer to you. When you are in a toxic relationship you don’t allow other people to come closer to you with a feeling that they will hurt you in any way. And because of this, you may make a wall around yourself in which you don’t allow people to play with your feelings anymore.

You become more pessimistic

After you have cut all the ties from the person you once used to love because of the toxic relationship, the way you view the world may change. On one side you may be a loving person and on the other side of it, you may have changed yourself so drastically that you are now full of hate, fear, anxiety, and distrust. You might become negative about the world and love and make yourself distant with the people around you. Even after moving on from the relationship, you may be overwhelmed with the feeling of guilt, loneliness, and other emotional trauma.

Total negativity

When you are in a toxic relationship, it’s quite hard to be happy. Facing tough situations makes it hard for you to be positive. You may feel like dark everywhere and are full of negativity for even the small things in your life. And because of this, you feel sad, low, and depressed. You are always in a bad mood with negativity.

Emotional exhaustion

When you are in a toxic relationship you become emotionally drained out because you spend most of your time and life in making the other person happy instead of looking after your own fulfillment. Whenever you spend time with that person, you feel much stressed because that person is quite critical of you and this will make you emotionally empty and exhausted.

We all know that a toxic relationship is very tiring and exhaustive in nature. They not only have the above negative effects but they also hinder your personal growth and distort your perception of a healthy relationship. Therefore carrying on a toxic relationship is never a good idea. Apart from knowing that the other person doesn’t love you the way you want them to, you sometimes don’t want to leave the person because you love them and you try your level best to change your partner. For this, you can take the help of a counselor or a psychologist. A counselor knows how to help you in saving your relationship and bring back same happiness and love in your relationship.

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