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Toenail Fungal Infection and its Treatment

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Our body is a host to so many organisms. Some do us good and some don’t. Among these organisms, some are useful to our body and hence they can be said as the invited ones while some are not invited at all and yet appear and damage important systems or organs of our body. One such unhealthy and uninvited guest is a specific type of fungus which makes our toenail its home and causes a good amount of damage if not treated properly. For treating toenail fungus ketoconazole cream is a strong recommendation by medical professionals. It is specially meant to treat this type of fungus. 

Before going into the details of the treatment for toenail fungus it is important to study how this fungus affects the toenail and what its symptoms are.

  • Toenail infections don’t occur in a single day. It develops over time and the changes are too slow to notice. This infection caused by a fungus that appears on the fingernails or toenails is called Onychomycosis. When the fungi overgrow it starts affecting the nail, its surface, and inside which results in this infection. The most suitable environment for the growth of this fungus is a warm and moist climate. This fungus alone can cause a lot to many other infections.
  • It is not always necessary that the fungus has to affect the toenail from outside. Some fungi are already there on our bodies. Toenail fungal infections are contagious and can occur to another person if that person comes in contact with anyone having the toenail infection.
  • It can occur on other fingernails but it mostly occurs on the toenails because they remain covered in shoes most of the time. People who wear artificial nails or swim in public swimming pools, or have improper blood circulation in their body due to some disease get affected by these infections.
  • Ketoconazole cream for toenail fungus is a proven solution for the problem. Any medication containing ketoconazole helps in killing the fungi by penetrating inside its membrane. A very important component of fungi cell membranes is ergosterol and ketoconazole helps in damaging its synthesis and prevents it from growing. The fungi need to maintain their cell membrane so that the contents don’t ooze out. The job of ketoconazole is just the opposite. It helps by creating holes on the cell membranes of the fungi and disrupts the process of growth. The contents of the cell fall out and result in the death of the fungi and clear the infection.
  • Every good thing takes time. Fungal infections on toenails grow quite easily but to remove them patience is a must. Medications containing ketoconazole are most effective but they will only show positive results when used properly. Using it is easy. The area of infection has to be cleared and washed and of course, dried before application of medication. Then the infected area must thoroughly be covered by applying the medication. No other covering should be given other than that. The process must be continued for around half or a month. 

Toenail fungal infection has a simple treatment and that is the use of medication containing ketoconazole. It is proven to be effective and clears the infection from roots.

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