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The 7 Best Adventure Games for Android Device in 2020

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Anshul Sharma- CEO of Fluper, a mobile app development company has taken its company forth by his hard work and his vision towards the future. He is always ready to learn about new changes in the game development industry and wants to make people updated with it.

A captivating genre of online games is adventure games. It is one of the most popular game types on Android devices. Kids and the younger generation are very fond of such endless running adventure games. It is because these games are so full of thrill, exciting experiences. amazing visuals, and challenging deputations. 

 It can be regarded as one of the most complicated online gaming genres as it includes a lot of challenges, hurdles, and missions. These games promise to take you to a different world altogether. It does this by indulging you in its fast-paced animated world with hundreds of thousands of characters or elements. These games are full of enticing visual and sound effects too that make it even more appealing. 

Here are the 7 best adventure games that we have shortlisted for all the Android users. 

  • Jungle Adventure 3 

If you played and loved the older version of this game, you are going to love this one too. The game is based on a storyline wherein the Fur people of the jungle are kidnapped by the Goons Gang. The objective of the game is to save the Fur people from the Goons Gang and there comes all the thrill of the game! The game has many amazing features like exciting graphics and visuals, challenging stages, rewards, battles, new abilities, and power-ups. The epic adventure game becomes more interesting due to its high-quality and real-like sound effects. With over 10 million downloads across the world, Jungle Adventure 3 enjoys huge popularity amongst people. 

  • Road Rockers 

This is another interesting adventure game that requires you to dodge the obstacles coming your way. While doing that, you will be allowed to collect gold coins. These coins can be used to gain new abilities and power-ups. The game is full of exciting visuals and amazing graphics. It virtually takes you to the modern streets of the Middle Eastern cities. The game, being one of the most amazing runner games allows you to enjoy a time full of thrill and adventure in a virtual world.  

  • Ice Age Adventure 

This is another captivating game that is available for free. The game includes some of the most amazing adventures in various remote places that are full of obstacles on their way. In this game, you have to unleash the herds, complete the tasks, and earn prizes. The Ice Age Adventure is available in 15 different languages across the world. It is full of amazing sound effects and engrossing visuals. 

  • Swordigo 

In this game, you can stroll through the dark caves and many dangerous pathways. You need to explore through various dangerous paths in the game. While doing this, you have the opportunity to find some legendary swords. The strategies of the game are easy to learn and apply. You will really enjoy exploring the magical towns and treasures of the game. You will also have to face the devious monsters on your way. The game allows you to customise the control operation.

  • Escape Game: Home town Adventure

This one is an exciting adventure game where you are given tonnes of rooms full of puzzles to solve. The game is full of interesting strategies and plots. It has amazing visuals and graphics. The game involves interesting puzzle stages with a major twist of adventurous missions. The game becomes more interesting with its amazing sound effects that will leave you stunned. The best part of this game is that you can even enjoy it offline. 

  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery 

Did the name sound fascinating to you? Yes, it will lead you to your favourite adventurous series of all time. The game takes you through an adventure in the Wizarding World. It allows you to form your adventures by choosing your story. It gives you many magic, spells, and new characters. You can also customise your avatar in the game and can make new friends and meet new people. The game is designed with amazing sound effects and graphics. On this adventure, you need to discover the truth behind the cursed vaults and unlock spells and magic. 

  • Life is Strange 

This game includes 5 adventurous episodes. It also includes an interesting storyline where the player has an option to choose from the past, present, and future. Sounds fascinating, right? You can also rewind the time in the game and change your future! It has some very enticing graphics and soundtracks from popular artists. As you complete missions, you can win the game with great zeal and enthusiasm! 


We are sure that almost all of these Android adventure games will leave you stunned once you play it. While you might have tried some of them, we bet you would not regret trying a new one. 

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