With the world still reeling from the effects of the COVID-19, only a handful are ignoring safety precautions for the COVID-19, which has caused the novel coronavirus to spread fast. Developing countries are still unable to cope with the virus despite global travel ban being repealed slowly. Thankfully, a large […]

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Erric Ravi is an entrepreneur, speaker & the founder of Storify News and Recent News He is the Co-Founder of The Storify News Times. Forbes calls him a top influencer of Chief Marketing Officers and the world’s top social marketing talent. Entrepreneur lists him among 50 online marketing influencers to watch. Inc.com has him on the list of 20 digital marketing experts to follow on Twitter. Oanalytica named him #1 Global Content Marketing Influencer. BizHUMM ranks him as the world’s #1 business blogger.

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