QuickBooks Abort Error

QuickBooks Abort Error

QuickBooks is a software that helps in solving all the accounting necessities of business. From monitoring your daily expenses to making tax reports QuickBooks has it all. QuickBooks have some impressive features and it is very easy to use. It is one of the finest accounting tools for small as well large size businesses. The main reason for QuickBooks Abort Error is damage in QBWUSER. As the Abort error pops up. QuickBooks will switch off automatically and our system working wil also becomes slow

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Causes QuickBooks Abort Error

  1. The damage in the QBWUSER.ini file causes an abort error.
  2. Corrupted hardware or damaged windows could also be the cause for your QuickBooks to be flashing abort errors.
  3. If we use a multi user setup on our system  and the computer is using different versions of QuickBooks then Abort Error like to happen.
  4. The abort error can also occur if there is more than one system configured on a single which is using QuickBooks.
  5. If you are using a system in which files are saved on two different devices then it could derange the flow of data between the devices  that store the files,thereby causing abort error.

Look Out for Signs that May Eventually Cause QuickBooks Abort Error-

  1. QuickBooks will close automatically.
  2. System will start crashing without any error messages or any warnings.
  3. Your system will continuously start to display the ‘Fatal App Exit’ message box and terminates QuickBooks as you close the message box. 
  4. Unstable of internet connection cause to occur QuickBooks Abort error
  5. The folder which holds the file needs some additional permission access.
  6. Firewall is preventing access for networks or some permissions
  7. If power saving mode is on sometimes it also creates an abort error problem.

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Abort Error

Step-1 :Use the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool- 

The QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool analyses, it recognizes all types of error on the QuickBooks desktop and works on repairing it and identify the issues related to your OS.

  • Shut down all the background apps open on your system.
  • Install the QBinstall_tool from QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool.
  • After installing ‘QBinstall_tool_v2.exe’ will be on your window screen.
  • Run the file on your computer.
  • The QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool will identify all the errors and issues and fix them.
  • You must restart your system after this to make changes.
  • After restart launching the QuickBooks app your issues will probably be disappeared.

Step2. Rename ‘QBWUSER.ini’ file-

  • Open the folder that holds the ‘QBWUSER.ini’ file.
  • Double click on ‘QBWUSER.ini’ file.
  • Rename the file name.
  • Add a new word at the end of ‘QBWUSER.ini’.
  • Rename The ‘.ecml’ extension to ‘EntitlementDataStores.ecml’ .

Step3. Run the QuickBooks File Doctor to fix the Abort Error-

  • Download ‘QuickBooks File Doctor’.
  • Launch the tool QuickBooks File Doctor.
  • If you see there No Problem detected in your company file and still see the errors then reconstruct the company data file .
  • If the tool detects any damage you can repair the file.
  • Restore the backed up company file.
  • Regain the lost data with the help of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery.
  • Send your company file to the QuickBook data recovery team. Request data recovery service from QuickBooks Intuit data service by contacting QuickBooks Technical Support.

Step4. Disable Windows Firewall and Antivirus Software Running on Your System-

  • Windows firewall and antivirus are the software that are aerated to block all types of security threats sometimes they block the program from being run on your computer. This can cause QuickBooks Abort Error so disabling the windows firewall or antivirus software will allow updates and other information that is shared by QuickBooks automatically. You must have to reboot your system to make changes take place. 

Step5. Try to Restore QuickBooks from Backup-

  • If no steps seem to be working from the above mentioned then you can restore QuickBooks from backup the issue and errors are usually taken care with this step then you will no longer get the abort error messages.


The office needs to be wired or having wired connection,for the QuickBooks Users to be prevented from QuickBooks Abort Error. QuickBooks users can connect to the web host computer. Being wireless for the QuickBooks data file leads to data file corruption and the host computer should be running the QuickBooks database manager Host service at startup. And one thing to notice that when you are following the solutions to remove errors make sure you are using the administrator account.


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