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Purpose of wearing a Yellow Sapphire stone

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Gemstones are said to hold some special powers and it can alter the planetary influences in an individual’s life. There are varieties of astrological gemstones available in the market and one of them is the Yellow Sapphire which is also known as Pukhraj.

One can buy pukhraj stone online but before that one has to be very sure whether they need to wear it at all. For that they need to consult a well known astrologer who can check one’s birth chart and advise them on wearing gemstones.

When it comes to the sapphire family of stones there are both blue sapphire and yellow sapphire. Both of these stones are said to hold astrological benefits. These precious stones can vary in their prices depending on its clarity, colour and lustre.

Pukhraj gemstone is mainly formed of aluminium oxide which has both titanium and iron impurities. It is said that the greenish yellow pukhraj are found in the New South Wales of Australia and Queensland. When it comes to pure yellow sapphires they are mostly available in Montana, Sri Lanka and East Africa. The colour range of yellow sapphire has different hues like golden yellow, clear yellow, orange and slightly greenish ones. But according to the stone experts, the best gem is the ones which are pale and lemon yellow in colour.

Yellow sapphire is a gemstone that represents the planet Jupiter and this is a very positive planet. It is mainly worn to get rid of financial difficulties and other struggles. Here are some major benefits of wearing a pukhraj stone:

  • This can help one to concentrate on their studies and aim for higher learning. So this stone is advised to the students.
  • The wearer can see increase in wealth, honour and fame after wearing this stone. It can also improve an individual’s health.
  • This stone can also promote spiritual knowledge and general well being of the wearer.
  • It can also cure some health issues like ulcer, diarrhoea, gastritis, heart troubles, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, knee joint pains, jaundice and many more.

Way to wear a pukhraj stone:

  • It is said that the effect of the stone grows with its weight and so the minimum weight has to be 3 ratti or more.
  • One has to wear this stone in the index finger of their any hand and that too on a Thursday morning.
  • Before wearing this stone, one has to keep the stone dipped in cow milk or Gangajal for at least 15 minutes.
  • The ring which has the stone must touch the skin.
  • This stone after being worn can influence one for more than 4 years.
  • The stone is needed to be cleaned at a regular interval with a soft brush so that no dust gets deposited on it.

Yellow sapphire stone was previously known as Oriental Topaz. It is better to buy pukhraj stone only after consulting an astrologer. One can buy them from Khanna Gems which deals with certified gemstones and they are authentic.

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