4000+ schools across the world have chosen to become International Baccalaureate schools, with their unique academic rigour and their emphasis on each student’s personal development. Various research from across the globe shows that in many cases, students in IB schools perform better than students of other schools and they even […]

Surprising someone you love or hold dear on New Years can be a great idea to show them your affection & care. There are times when you are not able to celebrate a special holiday, with the people you love the most. It can be lonely and sad for both […]

Generally, whenever you’ve been asked to attend a party, you are required to carry a gift. These invites can be of something like birthdays, marriages, and babies “the major ones.” The flexibility with which to attend any occasion and come with the expected gift has changed. Throughout the year, events […]

With the winters approaching, geyser becomes a necessity in Pakistan. The beautiful winter breeze only feels good when you have ample amounts of hot water to warm yourself up. If you are one of those people who cannot survive the winters, you probably know how much of a blessing geyser […]

Due to the global pandemic, caution and worry are on everyone’s minds. People have mixed views regarding the real estate market. This is largely because of misinformation or lack of information that everyone is getting.  Contrary to everything you might have heard, the market is doing substantially well. There are […]

If one’s car is to be maintained and it should be kept in a good working condition; then one must never ignore the regular car servicing. It is always recommended that one must send their vehicles for servicing at a regular interval. Missing a service schedule can vehemently affect the […]

This lockdown shows the beauty of the world through decades of degradation and its effects on all around the world, of all that could damp the human mind. The lockdown In the typically polluted towns, people in the first decades will enjoy a healthier air and a brighter sky. The […]

Have you ever faced an issue in writing an essay? Numerous students experience difficulty in essay writing. Surely, each essay is different from others. Some essays can be written easily, while others are somehow technical. The nature of each essay is different. But, the strategies are the same in each […]

Taking control of what anyone wants to learn and build their career is one of the best decisions one could make. E-learning has evolved over the past years and its advantages outweigh the traditional methods in terms of cost and study techniques. The comfort from the home is quite tempting […]

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